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HostGator Grows Big Claiming Over 200,000 Satisfied Clients

October 5, 2009; 07:50 AM

October 2009 - “Getting over 200,000 clients from around the world was one of our milestones. We have reached this point pretty fast and this makes clear about our unmatched, very satisfactory web hosting service. It makes us a lot happy because out clients are spreading the word about our excellent service and our client base is growing with countless numbers of satisfied people” says Andy Gan. The small gator which appeared online has known grown into a huge one, claiming the hearts of over 200,000 satisfied web hosting clients online. This gator is friendly, reliable and live 24/7. In fact, this huge gator is one of the most favorite recipes of the web masters out there.

It is celebration time in the HostGator premises. The professionals were satisfied very much by providing the most reliable web hosting service to their clients from across the seas. “Our hard work and customer friendliness is paying back now. Believe it or not, without even spending a penny in advertising, people are swarming towards our web hosting service. This is an excellent proof that we are providing the best webs hosting service and our clients cannot stop themselves from spreading the word about our service. We have seen Hostgator Reviews which all reflect our great service. We are sure that none of the Hostgator Review is written negatively and that is the fact.”

Speaking on the move, Andy Gan said, “As a Hostgator Customer people have never regretted rather than experiencing a reliable web hosting service and great customer support. You will be well aware that Hostgator has got many awards for the reliability and the great response time for the support tickets. The sever is live all year around and never became down under any circumstances. We know that not all of our clients are tech savvy and so we have been providing support to such people to understand web hosting and keep their sites live.”

So the Gator is now big and how is it going to thank the clients who grew it? If you are looking for unmatched web hoisting solution which is affordable, you can get Hostgator Coupon now. The Hostgator Coupon is the way the Gator says thanks.


Host Gator provides Shared, Reseller and Dedicated web hosting solutions. Our services are designed for both beginners and professionals. All of our shared plans include a 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24/7 support and a 45-day money back guarantee.


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