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Free Extension On Domain Transfer

Gossimer, the fastest growing domain name registration company, is offering one year free extension with every domain name transferred to its system. This service when coupled with other services puts Gossimer in the position of price leadership. The comp

October 1, 2009; 05:56 AM

Browns Mills, NJ-- New Jersey-based Gossimer, a full-fledged web hosting and domain name transfer company, has launched the drive to pull the domain portfolio builders by offering one year free extension on every domain transferred to Gossimer. The new offer will be particularly beneficial for those who maintain domain names portfolios.

This new development, when seen in the light of recent product offerings by Gossimer suggests that Gossimer has decided to take on big goliaths of the webhosting and domain name registration industry by their horns. With this offer, Gossimer has made its intentions clear about the company’s desire to lower the entry barrier to welcome new entrants into the top level domain market. This promotion will also positively affect serious webmasters who is engaged in domain buying and selling. The company asserts that there will be no downtime during the transfer process because the domain’s name servers will not be altered during the process. The domains transferred to Gossimer will avail all the free services offered by Gossimer that includes free DNS service, domain privacy, domain theft protection, domain forwarding, etc. The robust Gossimer system ensures that domain names transfer is entirely risk-free and easy-to-do exercise.
“If somehow the domain transfer fails, Gossimer will issue the refund to the customer’s bank account immediately. No question will be asked. We want people to sample the product we are offering, and to see the benefits of managing domain names with Gossimer,” said Marvin Dryer, CEO of Gossimer. He further added, “This ‘one year free extension on domain transfer promotion’ resulted in a massive inflow of domain transfers. And till now we do not have any disgruntled customer. Everyone seems to be happy so far with our services.”
Gossimer, since beginning, has been offering the world class web hosting services and domain name registration services at unbeatable price. And recently, the company has made its intentions clear by offering the lowest rate for webhosting, e-mail hosting as well as domain name registration. With its recent products, Gossimer is giving the goliaths of the industry run for their money, which eventually favors the webmasters.

About Gossimer, LLC
Gossimer is a full-feature, fastest growing domain name registration and webhosting company. Since 2001, Gossimer is providing web hosting, email hosting, and domain registration services from New Jersey. The company is well known for its exceptionally responsive customer support, knowledgeable technical support, server uptime, and attractive web hosting packages.
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Marvin Dreyer
Merketing Executive
Phone: +1.888.902.4678
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