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NIC Mexico announces the phases for the re-opening of domain name registrations directly under .MX

February 12, 2009; 11:44 AM

Monterrey NL, February  2009.- NIC Mexico (Network Information Center Mexico) makes public the generalities of the phases for the upcoming re-opening of domain name registration directly under the .MX TLD (Top Level Domain).

NIC Mexico (Network Information Center Mexico) is the organization in charge of the administration of the .MX ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain).

Since its establishment in February 1989, the .MX was flat. There were no classifications under .MX as the current .COM.MX, .NET.MX, .ORG.MX, .GOB.MX and .EDU.MX. Domain name registration was made directly under .MX until October 1993 when .COM.MX and .GOB.MX extension, and shortly after .NET.MX and .ORG.MX were created. Later, on September 4th 1996, the .EDU.MX subdomain was created, and together with .MX were both used for education institutions exclusively. On March 1997 the domain name registration for academic purposes became restricted only to .EDU.MX. Since that moment, the registration of .MX domain names under the first level was closed.

It is until now that the opportunity to open again the domain name registration directly under .MX is given, and this time for all audiences. This will provide more attractive services to domain name costumers and give greater momentum to the .MX ccTLD. Domain names will be shorter, .MX names will not have to be restricted to a certain type of organization, and will have a direct identification with Mexico.

As part of the efforts to fulfill the mission of placing the name of Mexico on the Internet, NIC Mexico has implemented important projects to make .MX domain names go far and beyond to reach more people. One of the most important was the launch of the Registry .MX, which represents a great improvement for the business model as it adopts international industry standards for the distributed domain name registration. In this model, customers register domain names through Registrars or RARs who act as domain name wholesalers, who in turn work with ccTLD managers also known as Registries. With these new tools, RARs around the world can offer services from .MX Registry to Internet users in many countries.

Internet has become a powerful tool, present in almost all companies, schools, non for profit organizations and also at home. Registering domain names directly under .MX will allow users to have more attractive names, directly related to Mexico. Taking advantage of the increasing relevance and use of the Internet for all day to day activities, individuals, business and organizations will be able to have internet presence closer to the name of Mexico.

With the objective to keep an ordered process, the .MX re-opening will be released in three phases: Pre-Registration Period, Quiet Period and Initial Registration Period.

I. Pre-Registration Period

a. Description: Period for the reception of applications to register domain names directly under .MX, only from current domain name holders under any of the classifications .COM.MX, .NET.MX, .ORG.MX, .EDU.MX and .GOB.MX.

b. Who can participate: Domain name holders (registrants) of valid .MX domain names under any of the classifications .COM.MX, .NET.MX, .ORG.MX, .EDU.MX and .GOB.MX registered before March 1st 2009.

c. What can they do: Participants will be able to send an application to register directly under .MX the exact same name that they have under any of the other classifications. For example: if currently they are the domain name holder of then they can apply to register The application must be sent through the same registrar who sponsors the current domain name (

d. Considerations: The registrant and the sponsoring RAR of the new domain name under .MX will have to be the same that of the current domain name. If more than one application is received for the same domain name, priority will be given to the application corresponding to the domain name with greater seniority, that is, the domain name with the oldest creation date according to NIC Mexico’s records. All applications not corresponding to the oldest domain name will remain in a “pending” status until they are processed at the end of the Pre-Registration period. The registration data of all domain names that were assigned during the Pre-Registration period will be available for inquiring through the WHOIS query service ( The registration period will be of 1 year only.

e. Duration: 3 months (May 1st to July 31st 2009).

II. Quiet Period
a. Description: During this period, no more applications will be accepted; instead all the application received during Pre-Registration period that remained in a “pending” status will be processed. All the domain names assigned during Pre-Registration and present Quiet Period will become active (published on the DNS) at the end of this period. In addition, there will be available an “Objection process against the .MX domain names assignation result”.

b. Who can participate: Holders (registrants) of domain names under any classification who have sent an application for the registration of a domain name directly under .MX during the Pre-Registration period that was left in a “pending” status. What can they do: Participants will be able to inquire the assignation data of .MX domain names through the WHOIS query service. In case of considering that the assignation didn’t follow the rules of the Pre-Registration period; participants would be able to start an “Objection process against the .MX domain names assignation result”. The rules for the Objection Process will be published before the beginning of the .MX re-opening.

d. Considerations: It is very important that interested parties watch the result of their applications very closely. WHOIS query service ( will be available to verify the assignation information.

e. Duration: 1 month (August 1st to 31st 2009).

III. Initial Registration Perio
a. Description: During this period, the domain name registration directly under .MX will be open to all public. Domain names will be assigned in the same order that the applications are received by Registry .MX.

b. Who can participate: General Public. Anyone interested in registering a domain name directly under .MX.

c. What can they do: They will be able to register domain names directly under .MX.

d. Considerations: If the domain name is available at the time when the application request is received, the domain will be immediately registered after completing the registration process. The registration period will be of 1 year only. Also an special pricing model will be used, which will be published in detail prior to the Initial Registration Period.

e. Duration: 2 months (September 1st to October 31st 2009).


As part of the rules of the .MX re-opening process, there is a reserved names policy that will
include the following categories:

a. Reserved names for No Use. Names that cannot be used to be registered as domain names
under .MX.

· Names related to the structure and functions of ICANN (

· Names related to the structure and functions of IANA (

· Names of the existing gTLDs (.COM, .NET, .MOBI, etc.).

· Names consisting on 1 and 2 characters.

· Common names related to technical aspects of the internet (Recommendation of the Advisory Council accepted by NIC Mexico).

b. Reserved names for exclusive Use of Registry. MX. Names reserved for the operation of Registry .MX as the ccTLD manager of MX.

c. Reserved names to be Used by Third Parties. Names reserved for particular use of different entities than Registry .MX.

· Common names of the States of the Mexican Republic reserved for the use of the state governments (Recommendation of the Advisory Council accepted by NIC Mexico).

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About NIC Mexico
NIC Mexico is the professional independent organization that manages the country code top level domain .MX. NIC Mexico also registers IP addresses to Internet users in Mexico.



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