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03/31/08 - Explosive Internet Market in China Captured via IDNoptions Collaboration with Monster Venture Partners
03/31/08 - Cyveillance Reports Large Enterprises Plagued by More Than 5,000 Suspicious Domain Registrations Each Year
03/28/08 - VeriSign Announces Increase in .Com/.Net Domain Name Fees
03/28/08 - Domain Roundtable - Less than One Month Away
03/27/08 - First Domain Sold Via Fusu -- The Domain Stock Exchange
03/27/08 - Netfirms Adds Dot Asia (.asia) Domain Names to Product Line
03/26/08 - .Asia Go Live kicks off: Millions of High Value Domains
03/26/08 - EstDomains, Inc: Credit Card Processing System Improved
03/25/08 - Moniker Unveils Additional Domain Names to Silent Auction at the Upcoming Casino Affiliate Convention 2008
03/25/08 - Home Sweet Home: Go Daddy Bucks Offshoring Trend
03/24/08 - Morefocus Group Unveils Release Candidate of Domain Development Platform
03/21/08 - Rocky Point Ventures LLC Announced It Has Purchased The Domain
03/20/08 - Canada kicks off Countdown to One Million Internet Domain Names
03/20/08 - What's in a (Domain) name? Some serious cash Buzz Technologies Inc Says
03/19/08 - Medical Domain Names - Boa Domains Open for Business
03/19/08 - After extensive beta-testing, EuroDNS launches its 2.0 website with a wealth of new features and improved services
03/18/08 - W3C Welcomes Community Discussion at WWW2008 Track
03/18/08 - YellowPages Corporation Announces Travel Site;
03/17/08 - Alibaba Becomes ICANN-Accredited Registrar
03/17/08 - Domain Name & Blog Up for Sale on EBay
03/14/08 - EstDomains: Domain Name Purchasing System -- Flexible SuperSite Script Applied
03/14/08 - Ad Authority Inc. Inks Another Deal With Cast Release Ltd: First Touch Text
03/13/08 - .Asia Landrush Closes with Half a Million Domain Name Applications
03/12/08 - Bankrupt Do-gooder Environmental Careers Organization to Auction "" Domain Name to Pay Creditors
03/12/08 - e-Commerce Website and Domain Portfolio Goes To Auction
03/11/08 - What's in a Name? Asks the 28 Billion Dollar Question
03/11/08 - Domain Name. Good generic Domain Names at
03/10/08 - Rushing For New .USA Domain Names?
03/07/08 - Opens Door to .ASIA Landrush With Gold Rush Prices
03/07/08 - Visionary Company Captures 'The Best Web-Address' in the World, Literally
03/06/08 - Tiger Technologies Rescues Domain Names from Network Solutions -- Offers to pay "ransom" to get domain names being held "hostage" by Network Solutions
03/06/08 - AIT Domains VR Program Generates Unrivaled Profits
03/05/08 - Sedo Closes Second GreatDomains Auction of 2008 with Six-Figure Bid
03/05/08 -,, Now Listed on Fusu -- the Domain Stock Exchange
03/04/08 - Number of ".jp" Domain Names Tops One M. Mark
03/04/08 - 1&1 Internet Registers 10 Millionth Domain



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