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7 Tips for Choosing a Real Estate Domain Name
by Jenna Cyprus October 07, 2016
The importance of having a real estate website is immeasurable, but it’s often overlooked. Realtors today often use outdated tactics that involve networking and print advertisements to promote their businesses rather than the power of digital marketing. While there are some timeless tactics, the time has come to evolve.

Get Your Business and Domain Name Correct for SEO and Branding Purposes
by James Helliwell September 13, 2016
Picking a business and domain name are one and the same these days. If you are thinking of a name for your new business, you should consider the fact that the name, or at least a variation of the name, will be your domain name.

5 Domain Naming Mistakes That Will Kill Your Brand’s Reputation
by Jenna Cyprus September 12, 2016
In the digital age, few things are as important as your website. As such, you shouldn’t build and launch a website without first considering all of the details and complexities of branding, design, and user experience. Specifically, one of the first things you’ll need to deal with is selecting a domain name.

How To Make Your Word Press Attract Traffic
by Charlie Brown September 07, 2016
Many people post their content on WordPress but only very few manage to attract traffic easily. Since they are all using the same tool, it is apparent that their strategies cause the difference.

Here are Some SEO Tips for Your Startup Website!
by Derek Iwasiuk August 19, 2016
One of the assets of any modern business is its website. This is an online location were current and potential consumers can find information about it. Examples of this information include products, services, administrative structure and contacts.

Develop A Fantastic Time Calculator Tool For Your Drupal Website
by Boris Campbell August 18, 2016
There are content management systems and there is Drupal. This is one of the world’s finest systems. It is the largest, second only to WordPress. The quality of service that it provides is just out of this world.

Create more Business with Instagram Likes
by Evans Walsh August 16, 2016
The popularity and growth of Instagram has been phenomenal. If you worry about social media advertisement, consider using Instagram as the business advertising tool. Instagram is the site which is connected to other social sites like Twitter, Facebook and thus it offers far more chance of establishing connection with the clients online.

How To Analyze The Backlink Profile Of A Domain
by Kumar V August 05, 2016
There are a number of things that determine the value of a used domain or website. This includes the age of the domain, the traffic it currently receives, its revenues and most importantly, the backlink profile. While the traffic and income reports help understand the current value of the website, backlink profile is one of the most important indicators of how the website is likely to perform in future.

Top Link Building Blunders That Every SEO Newbie Should Take Care to Avoid
by Mike Miles July 28, 2016
Once upon a time not so long ago, link building used to be quite simple. You could just build links however and wherever you fancied and you were good to witness your search engine rankings rise.

Domain Hacking Is More Than Just Being Cool
by James Helliwell July 07, 2016
It can be quite frustrating when every domain name you come up with is flagged as being already in use. Sure, you can come up with variations of the name if you want to stick to your branding plans, but you soon realize the very purpose of branding is to be different. So, what do you do?

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