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How to integrate SEO and PPC to boost online sales
February 02, 2018
The process of gathering and utilising data is crucial for all organisations, from large-scale multinationals to small businesses.

5 ways local SEO can help you grow your business
January 17, 2018
Local SEO is an effective way to get customers to your business. It helps you promote your business to local customers when they need it. Millions of customers use local search to locate businesses, products and services in their area every day. Implementing a local SEO strategy for your business can help increase your chances of getting found by the customers looking for what you offer.

Domain Name Parking: Everything You Need to Know
December 13, 2017
Puzzled by the concept of domain name parking? This article provides you information about domain parking, what it means, and the situations in which you may want to consider parking your domain.

What To Consider When Migrating From HTTP to HTTPS
July 05, 2017
HTTP is an acronym that means Hypertext Transfer Protocol - a protocol that allows for transfer of information between different systems. HTTPS means almost the same thing except for the added “s” which stands for “SSL”. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer - a technology that encrypts a website’s connection and prevents hackers from intercepting communication or data that is being transferred. The added security feature that comes with the “s” is something HTTP severely lacks.

Domain Name Systems (DNS) At Your Fingertips
June 13, 2017
When considering opening a website for the first time, making sense of how the Domain Name System works and the terminology associated with it can be daunting, especially when you are not IT savvy. This guide aims to simplifies the system and terms.



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