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  • Tim Schumacher, Co-Founder and CEO of
    by Derek Iwasiuk September 30, 2008

  • Xavier Buck, co-founder and CEO of EuroDNS
    by Derek Iwasiuk August 15, 2008
    I started my professional career in the internet Industry in 1993 by creating a first multimedia company. Then, in 2000, with the help of a former colleague and friend, we set up Datacenter Luxembourg, which has become a leading hosting company in Europe.

  • Craig Rowe, President of WhyPark, LLC
    by Derek Iwasiuk May 7, 2008
    "I think the industry really needs to adapt and innovate. What worked yesterday may not work today or tomorrow. As users are becoming more and more sophisticated in how they find information and shop online, whether it is through search, social networks, blogs, etc, the “direct navigation user” is going to be a dying breed..."

  • Clint Page, CEO of Dotster
    by Derek Iwasiuk April 17, 2008
    In an exclusive interview, Mr. Clint Page tells about Dotster's leading position within the domain name registration industry as well as company's promotion that features a giveaway of 500 free domain names.

  • Jonathan Boswell, CEO,
    by Derek Iwasiuk June 29, 2007
    Mr. Boswell, CEO of, tells how he and his partners came up with the idea of launching a domain lease service and describes the process of leasing a domain.

  • Champ Mitchell, Chairman and CEO, Network Solutions
    by Derek Iwasiuk March 21, 2007
    Mr. Mitchell speaks about the reasons that led to Network Solutions' change of ownership and about the company's dedication to continue to bring the best customer experience in the industry.

  • Eric Rice, General Manager of BulkRegister
    by Milena SotirovaOctober 13, 2005
    In this Interview, you will learn what makes BulkRegister different from other companies in the industry, about the domain portfolio management tools for resellers and more.



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