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Have you ever been involved in a domain name dispute?
by Chris McElroy September 23, 2008
A lot of people do not understand the relationship of trademarks and domain names, including most intellectual property attorneys. IP Attorneys BELIEVE they understand it, but some of the cases they file and some of the things they say in forums show a clear misunderstanding of domain names.

Have you ever typed the wrong URL?
by John Fagan March 06, 2008
Google Inc., which runs the largest ad network on the Internet, is making millions of dollars a year by filling otherwise unused Web sites with ads. In many instances, these ad-filled pages appear when users mistype an Internet address, such as ""

10 US Laws Every Domainer Needs to Know
by Aviva February 01, 2008
With top-level domains appreciating at as much as 94% per year by some estimates, it is little wonder that domaining is the new ‘hot’ industry in the internet world. But despite the rapid growth of domaining, there is surprisingly little consensus as to what industry best practices are, or even what laws apply to domaining. In this article we try to sort through the legal and accounting mumbo-jumbo to explain ten of the most important US laws when it comes to domaining and provide some simple and straightforward tips for safely navigating them.

What Is Cybersquatting and What Can Be Done About It? ACPA or UDRP?
by Michael Cohen June 25, 2007
How to resolve domain name disputes via ACPA or UDRP.



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