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Domain Goldrush Part 6 - Snap-Back To The Future?
by Lee Hodgson
Verisign Inc. have announced the details of a new system that will completely change the way deleting domain names are re-registered. Although the proposal has still to be commented on by the "Registrar Constituency", chances are that by March 20th, we'll all use this new system if we want to register expiring domain names.

Domain Goldrush Part 3 - Wild Wild West
by Lee Hodgson
The expiring domains goldrush, previously described in Part 1 of this series, is over - at least as far as the average domain speculator is concerned. As recently as six months ago anyone with a PC, a browser, and a good idea of when a hot domain name was going to expire, had a good chance of grabbing it, and often they'd make a small fortune in the process.

Domain Goldrush Part 5 - Mother of All Drops
by Lee Hodgson
As fast as Verisign Inc., the corporation that controls the .com shared registry, put the brakes on the expiring domains industry, it has taken them off again. They have announced a short-term technical solution which will allow for the immediate resumption of batch domain releases.

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