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RegisterFly Loses ICANN Accreditation

Maria Mitsova
March 20, 2007

In a letter to from March 16, 2007, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) terminated the registrar's Registration Accreditation Agreement (RAA). The letter is a 15-day written notice indicating that RegisterFly will cease operating as an ICANN-accredited registrar on March 31, 2007.

Following the termination of its Registration Accreditation Agreement, RegisterFly has until March 31 to unlock and provide all necessary Authinfo codes to allow domain name transfers to occur. The registrants wishing to transfer from RegisterFly during this period should be allowed to do so.

Upon the termination of the RegisterFly RAA, ICANN may approve a bulk transfer of all current RegisterFly domain names to another ICANN accredited Registrar. The Internet watchdog has already terminated RegisterFly's right to use the ICANN Accredited Registrar logo on its website.

The letter, addressed to the reinstated CEO Kevin Medina, points to RegisterFly's inability to cure each one of the breaches identified by ICANN within 15 working days specified in the February 21, 2007 notice ICANN sent to the domain registration company.

Hardly can anyone say when it all started. After months of complaints from registrants, the RegisterFly crisis escalated with the firing of co-founder and CEO Kevin Medina. The position of CEO was then taken by the other co-founder John Naruszewicz, who accused Medina of using funds from customer fees to pay for luxuries.

Kevin Medina denied the accusations and filed a United States District Court. On March 8 Medina got back the control of This, however, did not alter ICANN's resolution to conduct an audit at RegisterFly, as well as the registrar's obligation to cure the breaches of its Agreement with ICANN.

RegisterFly is far from being the only one faulted in this questions-raising credit-losing domain industry drama. Customers, domain registrars and related organizations all hold ICANN responsible for not having acted sooner.

The Corporation claims it interfered as soon as it had proper evidence of RegisterFly breaches. "Terminating accreditation is the strongest measure ICANN is able to take against RegisterFly under its powers," Dr. Paul Twomey, President and CEO of ICANN said.

Nevertheless, it has planned to hold a forum for discussing a reform of the Accreditation policy and process at its 28th International Public Meeting to be held March 26-30, 2007 in Lisbon, Portugal.

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Title: How to moved your registerfly domains including protected domains before they are lost. June 2, 2007
Comment by cheap domain names

RegisterFly will not be a domain reseller in march 2007, and all your domain there is in risk of losing, spicily whois protected domains!

So how to save your domain:

1. Create A New Register Fly Account.
2. Login into the Old RegisterFly Account.
3. Click on Manage Domains
4. Click A Domain Name
5. Click On Change Ownership
6. Click On “Push your names to another user”
7. Click Continue
8. Enter The User ID of The New RegisterFly Account
9. Verify The User ID of The New RegisterFly Account is Correct
10. Click Continue
11. Select Each Domain Name to Push
12. Check the Check Box Marked “Change the Whois/Contact info on the names being pushed”
*** Check This Box Only if your Domains are Showing ProtectFly Information on a Whois Database, If it’s Showing your Real Information with Working Email Then Continue Without Checking the Check Box ***
13. Login into Your New RegisterFly Account, Your Recently Transferred Domains Should Be All Unlocked.
14. Click Change Whois Information And Get Authorization Code for Each Domain.
15. Wait about 2 Days until changes are updated to the world.
15. Begin Transfer to New Registrar.

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