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Seattle to Host Domain Roundtable Conference 2007, August 12-15

Maria Mitsova
August 10, 2007

Name Intelligence will carry out its Domain Roundtable Conference 2007 August 12-15, 2007 at the Seattle Sheraton in Seatle, Washington. Businesses and private domainers from all over the world are invited to join the event and enhance their networking experience and their knowledge by taking part in a large number of discussions and panels, roundtables and workshops.

Leading domain industry experts will speak on a wide range of Internet related issues. Topics of discussion will include domain news sites and blogs, the future of the domain industry, domain management issues, tips and tricks about buying, managing and selling domain names, intellectual property and the ways to protect your domain and your company brand.

Search engine optimization experts will disclose the secrets of building and maintaining a successful website. Traffic Domains for Rent is the topic, which will examine the potential of renting domains for both advertisers and domain owners.

The Domain Roundtable Conference will hold the largest ever domain auction. The auction will be free for anyone to attend. Organized in partnership with, it will take place on Tuesday, August 15, and will be open for both conference attendees and online bidders at

Games and gifts will also be a part of the event. will give away a new Playstation 3 and two new Nintendo Wii consoles and all participants will be able to test out the new game systems. For those who would like to party while at the same time contribute for a good cause, TrafficZ will present its "Body Painting Contest" Party to benefit Michael Mann's charity.

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