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Premier Generic Domain Name, is For Sale


By Derek Iwasiuk
November 29, 2006

The domain name, originally purchased in 1999 is for sale.

The marketplace for text messages is exploding. The term "text messages" is as widely used in English speaking countries as the terms "personal computers", "cell phones" and "web sites". is among a select group of domain names in which a user immediately knows what kind of content will be on that web site.

More people own cell phones than own televisions and according to The International Association For the Wireless Telecommunications Industry (CTIA), 12.5 billion text messages were sent in the United States during June of 2006 compared with 7.3 billion in June of 2005. The CTIA also reported that wireless data revenue in the United States was $6.5 billion for first six months of 2006, up 70% from $3.8 billion in the first half of 2005.

Huge growth in the text messaging industry is still expected as 35% of the 220 million wireless subscribers in the United States are currently using the text messaging feature on their cell phones. The largest age group text messaging is the 18 to 29-year-old age group, of which 65 percent use the text message feature.

Text Messages are being used for a wide variety of business purposes, personal communication and it's the most reliable mode of communication in an emergency or disaster. Text Messaging has also had a significant effect in criminal, political and social development. In addition to mobile to mobile solutions provided by wireless carriers there are many services on the Internet that offer premium text messaging solutions such as news alerts, weather, and financial information. Dozens of businesses are providing consumer and business-to-business solutions to facilitate the transfer of text messages between computers and mobile employees, customers, partners, friends and family using cellular phones., as a generic web site name stands out among the millions of options within search engine results and contextual advertising. Though has only been a live web site for 16 months, it has recently produced high levels of search engine rankings on MSN, Yahoo, and Google. has also experienced click-thru percentages as high as 14 percent on contextual advertising programs such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN for certain relevant keywords while bidding just three cents per advertisement.

The web site has also averages almost 600 "Type-in" visitors each day.

An existing business can leverage to drive significant incremental traffic or even act as the new home page for a company looking to stand out from the wide variety of direct and indirect competitors in this competitive marketplace. Other uses for the domain include:

•   Offering existing services and content within a "more relevant" domain
•   Display new services and content on web pages that will significantly increase a company's traffic level
•   Improving a company's search engine rankings
•   Increasing a company's click-thru rate on searches and advertisements
•   Generate more Type-in traffic
•   Leverage this easy to remember domain name to promote existing and future text messaging campaigns that enable businesses to stay closer to their customers

For more information please contact David Arluck, of Arluck Promotions by phone: (917) 331-1329 or email [email protected],



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