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The zone .TJ – who will have time to skim the cream off


By Zabirov Jahongir Contributing Author
March 23, 2007

Tajikistan takes the second place on stocks of hydropower resources after Russia among the former CIS countries. All these factors cause a high interest of foreign investors and numerous offers of business collaboration.

For example, only in 2006 China invested 300 million dollars in economy of Tajikistan. Tajikistan has the most developed mobile communication in Central Asia. In 2005, for the first time among the CIS countries, Tajikistan began to use mobile connection of the third generation. Today all operators provide 3G communication service. Foreign operators as BeeLine and Megaphone take a high positions here.

This economic activity opens huge prospects for development of the Tadjik segment of the Internet, namely a domain zone ".tj"! Audience of the Tajinet is estimated in 27 000 - 30 000 persons worldwide, and the advertising market capacity is 1500-2000 dollars per month (at the rate of 1-2 dollars for one thousand displays). Growth of number of Internet users increases quantity of sites as well as the number of domain names. In 2005 the number of the registered domains was 436; in 2006 it has grown up to 602. These small figures will get bigger if to consider, that the domain zone ".tj" has been opened for registration only since 2004.

Today, on 21st March, we celebrate our first victory. The number of domain names has reached 2000!

Progressing dynamic is obvious. This business promises to be very profitable. There is still a chance to participate for whoever is interested in it. For the time being cost of purchase of the domain is 25 US dollars. Foreign citizens can be registered here too (payment is possible with virtual money through E-Gold or WebMoney). The sale of domain names is also permitted. Among registrars maintaining payment through the Internet of money: WWW.GET.TJ, branch of one of large communication companies Tajiktelekom.

The national zone ".tj" has huge potential. Procedure of registration in the zone meets the requirements of international standards. All these facilities promote development of the geographical domain and considerably raise its prestige.



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