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EstDomains Improved Transfer Technique Means Users Save Big on Renewals


By Derek Iwasiuk
March 27, 2007

EstDomains Inc. (, a name in the domain hosting and management industry recently announced improvements to their transfer protocol. Those changes make it fast and easy for users to use EstDomains Inc. as a host, in many cases saving money on web hosting.

Many site owners, having once registered their domains with one of the registrars, are reluctant and even afraid to transfer these domains to other registrars – even if it would save their money on renewals. In fact, domain renewal costs may differ considerably from one registrar to another. The reason behind this reluctance is the common opinion that transfers are unsafe, as your domain may expire, or you may even lose the domain ownership at all.

EstDomains Inc. ( has years of experience in domain management, and thus the company can guarantee that if a transfer is started well beforehand expiration, it is perfectly safe for the domain owner, due to domain expertise of the staff and smooth work of the customer support department. The new, improved EstDomains Inc. transfer system makes transfers more reliable, getting whois information from other registrars automatically, even with non-standard whois formats. Why pay more for renewals when you can easily transfer your domains to EstDomains Inc.? The advantages of EstDomains Inc. are affordable transfer costs and 1 extra year to the domain's expiration date, added after transferring. Thus, instead of renewing your .COM domain with well-known international registrars ($8.95 + $0.22 with GoDaddy, $14.95 with, $15.00 with directNIC), you can have your domain transferred to EstDomains Inc. for as low as $5.99 and have your domain renewed for 1 year. Domains in other zones can be transferred for $6.00 (.INFO and .ORG), $5.99 and $5.39 for .NET 8 .BIZ domains respectively. Transferring your domain to other registrars will most likely cost you more, from $6.95 + $0.22 with GoDaddy (for a .COM domain), to $15 for moving your domain name to directNIC.

You can learn more about transfer costs for other domains and get all the information you need at

EstDomains Inc. ( is legally registered in USA and is accredited by ICANN, an international organization governing the usage and registration of all top level domains in the world. You can check out the list of accredited registrars here: This guarantees all the domain-related procedures, including registration, management and transfer to other registrars always comply with relevant legal norms and common business practices. In other words, EstDomains makes professional, trouble-free domain registration even more affordable!

Currently customers of EstDomains Inc. ( can register a domain name in more than 10 international zones. Registering a domain is fast and simple due to the feature-packed and convenient web interface. There are a number of payment options to choose from.

Learn more about EstDomains here:, or by contacting the customer support department at

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