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Rick Schwartz Opens Domain Name and Traffic Blog


By Derek Iwasiuk
April 06, 2007

Rick Schwartz aka "Domain King" has announced the opening of his new blog, He says "it is a place that will ruffle some feathers and challenge the staus quo." In Rick's new blog he will disclose things he has learned over the last 12 years on the net.

Schwartz is a pioneer in the domain name business and is considered largely responsible for igniting the space with his $1.3 million sale of back in 2003. Since then Rick Schwartz has CO-Founded the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. tradeshow which is the premiere tradeshow of the domain channel. The show is by invitation only and some 600 of the "Biggest and the best" attend. Rick is also a "Founding board member" of the Internet Commerce Association an association created to protect Domain Owners Rights, and founder of

Schwartz says, "Many have yet to understand the lead and customer generating power that a great domain with type in traffic can provide. Imagine an endless supply of qualified customers with no cost other than the cost of acquisition."

Rick has a knack for predicting big trends and getting it right. He may have been the first to recognize the value of "Type in" traffic which is now commonly referred to as "direct navigation" - the most potent and targeted traffic on the net. Rick has a prime portfolio of one and two word domains, and is considered by many to be among the leading experts on domain names, traffic, website flow and valuation. Besides his active websites Rick owns domains like,,,, and some 5000 others,

Rick is also an accomplished businessman in several other industries including furniture, lighting and advertising. He ran one of the most profitable and efficient home based businesses with no employees back in the early 1990's out of a 10 x 10 bedroom. He sold it for over 7 figures freeing his time to devote exclusively to the internet in 1998. It also cemented his main theory that "Domains would go up faster in value than any commodity ever know to mankind." Laughed at in 1995 and 1996 it is FACT today. No stock, no land, no gold, no jewel has ever gone up faster and further in value. He also sold " in July 2006 for $110,000 and then 2 other un-named domains for an additional $180,000 in December that had cost him a whopping $105 for the three names. that were purchased around 1996-1997. In August 2005 he bought for $750,000 to match up with that he bouight in 1998 for $61,000. He has turned down multi million dollar offers in lieu of developing it himself when the time is right.

In the last year Schwartz has purchased for $275,000, for $200,000 and for $6750 along with dozens of other domain buys.

Rick also runs the premiere domain forum on the net in which the top domainers and sponsors in the world are invited to participate and join. His members read like the Who's who of the domain channel. It is known as the hardest website on the net to get into. While others beg for traffic, Rick and his members screens every applicant before they are accepted. Thus the basis for T.R.A.F.F.I.C. being a tradeshow that is by invitation only. Attendees agree that this is one of the most important features of the show as it guarantees a productive investment of their valuable time as they break bread with the "Biggest and the Best" in a warm and cordial environment.

Schwartz says "My blog will challenge failed mainstream thinking and their lack of understanding that the Internet is the great sales tool ever invented."



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