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New Risk-Free Domain Naming Service Puts Cybersquatters Out Of Business


By Derek Iwasiuk
April 20, 2007

PickyDomains.Com is a new Web 2.0 domain naming service that picks snappy and memorable domain names on a risk-free basis.

After 50 US Dollars are deposited, clients start getting a list of available domain names. Once a desired domain name is found the client registers it and notifies the service about order completion. If no domain is registered, the money is refunded in full.

PickyDomains.Com currently employs seventeen experienced domain namers but also allows outside contributors to submit their domain suggestions as well, who receive a 50% cut when their domain name suggestion is picked ($25 paid via PayPal).

PickyDomains contributors have already came up with over 150 domain names, including names like DePrice.Com (shareware discounter), Madconomist.Com (economics related odd news portal), SoftwareJudge.Com (software peer review site), MuniPages.Com (German analog of the Yellow Pages), MariMail.Com (satellite-based e-mail service for yachts) and Publicana.Com (press-release distribution service).

PickyDomains.Com welcomes new clients as well as new contributors. Now, when this risk-free service is available, there is no reason to become a victim of cybersquatters who demand exorbitant fees for domain names on the aftermarket. Just for the record, when PickyDomains founders were looking for a name for their domain naming service, they were offered NeedAName.Com for a 'measly' $1888.



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