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Iconix® Truemark® Service Now Available for Microsoft® Outlook® 2003


By Derek Iwasiuk
May 23, 2007

ICONIX, Inc., a leading provider of visual email identification solutions, today announced that a beta version of its Truemark service is now available for Microsoft Outlook 2003. With the addition of support for Outlook, ICONIX now supports most of the email clients on the market, including 60 percent of desktop email and more than 80 percent of consumer webmail.

Users who rely on Outlook for their email will now be able to instantly identify legitimate messages from over 350 companies, including major banks, retailers, job services, social networks, and dating services. Users can download a simple plug-in for Outlook from The plug-in software authenticates incoming messages using industry standard authentication techniques such as Sender ID and DomainKeys.  Once the message is verified, the sender is checked against a list of registered senders and a Truemark icon is added to the message to indicate it is legitimate.

“Most consumers use at least two email clients, and whether you use a desktop mail system, webmail, or both, ICONIX gives you a consistent user experience. By adding Outlook support to our existing support for Outlook Express, we’re also able to address the large community of consumers that don’t use native webmail interfaces to read their email,” said Jeff Wilbur, vice president of marketing for ICONIX. “The Truemark icon lets users quickly determine if a message is legitimate, and they can even mouse over the icon to view an authentication certificate to get more information about the sender.”

Being able to visually identify legitimate messages is proving a boon for ecommerce partners of ICONIX who rely on email for ongoing communications with customers. According to a recent ICONIX study, users are 67% more likely to open an email message when it is marked as legitimate.

Microsoft Outlook is estimated to make up 60 percent of the desktop email client market for business users. Many consumers also use Microsoft Outlook at home to manage their personal email. With support for Outlook complementing existing support for Outlook Express, the Truemark service is now available for the majority of the Windows desktop market. The Truemark service also works with top webmail clients such as Windows Live Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, and Earthlink.

The Iconix eMail ID beta plug-in for Microsoft Outlook 2003 is available now and can be downloaded free of charge at

ICONIX, Inc. ( is the leading provider in trusted email identification solutions. ICONIX, Inc. provides the industry's first visual eMail ID solution for businesses and consumers. The ICONIX solution enables consumers to quickly identify messages from legitimate senders, which proactively combats widespread email-based identity theft techniques, such as phishing. ICONIX eMail ID is the only standards-based visual authentication solution that works across various email platforms.

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