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Intelective Communications, Inc. Enters Domain Appraisal Process and Negotiations for Additional Domains for Purchase


By Derek Iwasiuk
June 12, 2007

Intelective Communications, Inc.(tm), an online media company, announced today that it is entering into a formal Appraisal process for some of its most valuable Domain Assets with Afternic, a division of Demand Media, Inc. and has also entered final discussions with certain parties for the purchase of several additional large blocks of Domain Properties.

“We are in a fast moving high growth market and it is essential to establish the near term resale and long term residual value of our portfolio as we build it out moving forward – we have already had several of the Domains appraised with values in the range of $2,000.00 to $3,000.00 dollars per Domain and we need to establish what value to place on our domains individually and as a whole, as our existing portfolio of 450 Domains may have a value of up to $750K dollars. The intent of the company is to command maximum resale or residual value based on traffic generated after each Domain is developed,” said Lee Traupel, CEO of Intelective Communications, Inc.

“We are also in final negotiations with certain parties who own several large blocks of domains that we are interested in purchasing that will give us a presence in the high growth Hispanic language market, additional presence in the .MOBI market with excellent generic Domain Names and coverage in several other primary and secondary international markets that will include Germany, France and other countries in the EU.”

“The company will also continue to aggressively seek opportunities to acquire large blocks of domains in the aftermarket or generates its own for development, to build out its ad network, increase traffic flow, produce additional revenue and increase long term residual value. The company has set a target of acquiring 5-10 thousand Domains by year’s end which will increase its current traffic by nearly 3 fold and increase revenue substantially.”

Intelective Communications, Inc. (Pink Sheets:WPNC) is a leading provider of online advertising services including: domain selection and development, pay per click campaign management, search engine optimization, online media buying and planning, web site design, search-targeted text and video content designed to generate search engine rankings for its client base. The company has an ad network of approximately 450 web sites that are targeted for the Finance, Automotive, Travel, Real Estate and general purpose Consumer vertical markets.

Founded in 1999, Intelective Communications, Inc. is headquartered in the Sacramento, California area and is managed by an experienced team of executives. The company has partnered with market leaders in pay per click campaign management, technology providers and has strategic relationships with a number of outsourcing firms in the US and Asia. For further information:, [email protected], 800.804.5007 Contact: Lee Traupel Digital Pathways(tm).

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