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UltraDNS Deploys Dedicated Network Infrastructure To Support Top-Level Domain Community

October 11, 2004; 07:46 AM

BRISBANE, Calif., October 11, 2004 - ( - UltraDNS™ Corporation, the leading provider of DNS infrastructure for the Top-Level Domain (TLD) community, today announced that it is enhancing its network infrastructure to provide TLD customers with new levels of redundancy and security. UltraDNS recognizes the critical role TLD's play in ensuring the integrity and stability of the Internet and is proactively implementing infrastructure enhancements to improve service levels to its TLD customers.

Under the new network design, scheduled to be fully operational by November 1st, UltraDNS is deploying a dedicated network of authoritative name servers to support its TLD customer base. By providing a separate infrastructure for TLD and retail customers, UltraDNS is adding additional redundancy and scalability that will improve the end user experience when querying a TLD that resides on the UltraDNS global network. Both infrastructures will continue to support real-time updates of DNS changes, a feature first pioneered by UltraDNS five years ago.

The second phase of the network enhancement increases the number of IP addresses and hostnames announced as part of the UltraDNS 'anycast' routing pool. This will allow for a significant increase in the number of redundant path combinations for DNS look-ups, with a resulting improvement in performance and reach for fringe networks that query the UltraDNS infrastructure.

"Given the substantial growth we have experienced in the TLD sector, UltraDNS is investing in the stability of the Internet by deploying a network specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of the TLD community," explains Rodney Joffe, Chairman and CTO, UltraDNS. "Our TLD customers will now be able to offer their end user communities an even more resilient network infrastructure with the performance and availability that only UltraDNS can provide."

This announcement further strengthens UltraDNS' position as the leading provider of DNS infrastructure for the TLD community. Every Top Level Domain extension requires its own DNS infrastructure to enable domain resolution. UltraDNS currently provides DNS solutions to 25 generic and country-code TLD's with its industry leading Managed DNS Service™, including .org, .ie, and .uk.

"UltraDNS has provided Ireland's Internet community and the .ie registry critical DNS infrastructure services for over two years, offering superior network performance, reliability and security," explains Conor Daly, responsible for technical services within IE Domain Registry, Ltd., the organization responsible for the management of Ireland's name space."This latest deployment reaffirms UltraDNS' commitment to the TLD community and further validates our decision to partner with 'best-of-class' providers."

About UltraDNS

Based in Brisbane, Calif., UltraDNS Corporation is the world's leading Managed DNS Service Provider with over eight million domains currently under management, delivering solutions that enhance the reliability and performance of the world's largest directories and the mission-critical applications that access them. UltraDNS offers highly scalable solutions - both as a managed services provider and as a developer of custom infrastructure solutions - built on its unique Directory Services Platform and proprietary, patented technologies.

UltraDNS infrastructure services, such as Managed DNS, address the growing need for fast, reliable responses to directory queries in today's converging Internet/telecom environment. By connecting a user's information request to the proper directory and assuring a quick, accurate response, UltraDNS plays a key enabling role in delivering content, information and data to users when, where and on whatever device they choose. The company was founded in 1999 and is funded by Reuters Group PLC, VantagePoint Venture Partners and New Enterprise Associates. For more information please visit



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