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Domain Name Registrar Godaddy Launches Radio

March 27, 2005; 03:10 AM

( - March 27, 2005 - Bob Parsons announced in his blog that starting Wednesday, March 30, Radio Go Daddy will debut on the airways. The new radio show will be broadcast live, right from Go Daddy headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona every Wednesday at 7 pm (PST)/10 pm (EST) for one hour.

The Radio Go Daddy you can listen to live if you have Satellite Radio. GoDaddy Radio will be on both Sirius and XM. There are also a few AM stations that will be carrying the show. If you miss the show live, you'll be able to visit (site goes live March 28th) and download and listen to it at your leisure.

The show will be produced and brought to you by David Lawrence. David is known from "The David Lawrence Show" which he broadcasts live from Hollywood ( ).

"While we plan to let you know what's going on at, I guarantee you that our radio show is not going to be an infomercial. I plan on doing the same thing with the show that I do with this Blog, and that's to "tell it like it is" in the same plain, unvarnished fashion that you're used to getting from me,"says Bob Parsons, the founder of Godaddy.

"We'll also talk about interesting and unusual issues like the website that has drawn so much conversation and comments on this Blog. There are also other strange websites that you'll be interested to hear about, " continues Parsons.

The show is planned to be educational. "If you're trying to get an Internet business off the ground, there well be plenty for you as well," promises Parsons. "We'll discuss some of the obvious things -- like what to think about when picking a domain name, how to create your own website, and how to get people to visit your site."

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