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DomainMart Launches Private Domain Investment Management Accounts

August 16, 2005; 02:19 PM

Berkeley, CA - August 16, 2005 – DomainMart, a leading provider of quantitative and analytical domain-name services, introduced today a service that allows individuals and companies to participate in the generous returns that domain name investments provide.


The following is a summary of key information about the Account and the risks that apply.

What is a Domain Name Investment Management Account?
The Account is a service designed to manage investments in domain names and domain-name based assets.

What is the Account’s Investment Objective?
The Account seeks to provide value growth over the long-term and earn income from monetizing traffic of an Account’s domain names in order to achieve an attractive total return consistent with prudent investment risk.

“Accounts are managed by experts in the field and each is tailored to the risk tolerance of the Account owner,” says Alex Tajirian, DomainMart President and CEO.

What does the Account Invest in?
* The Account invests in domain names and domain-name based instruments that, in the Account’s Investment Manger’s opinion, offer the opportunity to meet the Account’s Investment Objective.

* The Account’s manager exercises a flexible strategy in the selection of investments that is not limited by investment style or domain name class. The Account may invest in the following instruments:

* Globally registered domain names under existing generic top-level domain names (gTLDs), county-code domain names (ccTLDs), and non-ICANN approved extensions

* Domain name pre-registrations under extensions that are currently unavailable

* Domain name leases

* Money market accounts

* Distressed domain name investments, such as domain name liquidations ordered by a court

An Account’s Investment Manager may decide to sell investments given a variety of circumstances, such as when an investment no longer appears to offer the potential for long-term growth of capital, when an investment opportunity arises that the Investment Manager believes is more compelling, or to realize gains or limit losses.

What are the Main Risks of Investing in the Account?

* Market risk is the risk that general global economic conditions will affect returns of all assets, including domain names, in ways that are not anticipated.

* You may lose money by investing in an Account.

* An investment in an Account is not a deposit in a bank and is not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or any other government agency.

* There is no assurance that the Account will meet its investment objective.

Who is an Account Designed for?
The Account is designed for investors who wish to take advantage of investment opportunities in domain names and domain-name based assets while receiving periodic income.

“Industry insiders, as well as high net-worth investors can benefit from the service,” adds Tajirian.


There are three categories of non-refundable management fees:

* An upfront fee of 2% of the initial investment and any subsequent increases in investments in the Account.

* A 5% commission on the monthly income generated by the Account.

* A $150 per hour fee, not to exceed $500, will be assessed for time spent on an investment. The fee is compensation for analyses of investment opportunities, negotiations, transfer, and escrow services on a successfully acquired domain name.

Domain name registrations, renewals, and other registrar and registry services deemed valuable by the Investment Manager are expensed at cost.


The Auto Distribution Plan enables you, as the owner of an Account, to make regular monthly redemptions of monthly monetization income (MMI). The required minimum distribution to participate is $100.


The minimum initial investment in the Account by any investor is $50,000 and the minimum additional investment in the Account by any investor is $10,000.

About DomainMart
DomainMart is an industry leader in providing domain-name secondary-market products and consulting services, including appraisal, leasing management, escrow, parking, protection, valuation, and traffic monetization management since 1996.

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