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Beat Google's Policy Change Against URL Sharing

Learn how other smart affiliate marketers beat the recent Google policy and still earn bigger profits than before.

April 26, 2006; 02:51 AM
Mountain View, CA - Google announces that they will only display one ad per search query for affiliates and parent companies sharing the same URL. If they find two or more ads competing under the same URL, Google will display the one with the highest ad rank.

What this meant was something that shakes the world of affiliate marketing.

Back Then, many could have just joined almost any affiliate program and set up an AdWords account with Google and profit. One simply can run Google AdWords ads and direct click-through traffic to affiliate sites using the affiliate links.

Since Google only displays URLs with the highest ad rank; this meant the elimination of about 98 percent of all affiliate programs using Google AdWords that were not prepared for this.

The Only way to beat Google's new policy is to first create a landing page (or splash page as it's often called also) - and then redirect from that same landing page to whatever affiliate sites you are enrolled in as an affiliate.

After this announcement, Landing Page Xpress Pro was soon developed.

Users can get an instant complete Web site business in just hours - completely set up with multiple income streams already in place.

Each Landing Page comes complete with its very own Electronic Sales Manager (ESM) so that arriving visitors can sign up Free for users’ newsletter, yet inside each issue, all visitors are directed to return back to the Landing Page.

Additional income stream features include:
·Ability to sell advertising space with a rotator on your Landing Page;
·Google AdSense;
·Google Search Box.

Landing Page Xpress Pro
·Provides users an all-in-one multiple income stream Web presence;
·Allows users to forever beat Google's policy change against URL sharing;
·Allows users to earn more money and establish greater economic leverage from a single Web presence online.

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About The author:

James Yee is an active affiliate marketer who loves to share proven strategies on how to succeed in Online Internet Marketing.
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