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ResellerClub Offers .ORG domains for $1.49

Promotional pricing available to all resellers till 30th June 2006

May 3, 2006; 08:39 AM

Wednesday, 3rd May 2006: ResellerClub -, one of the largest private- labeled end to end Web service providers, today announced the sale of .ORG domain names at an amazing price of $1.49 for its resellers. The promotional pricing effective from 3rd May 2006, will be available to all resellers upto 30th June 2006. The promotion comes close on the heels of ResellerClub’s powerful promo engine launch.

Using the powerful ResellerClub promo engine, resellers can pass on this promotional pricing to their sub-resellers, who can in turn pass on the same promos to their sub-resellers, customers and so on. This means, that resellers can not only make maximum revenue from this promotion but also rapidly increase their sub-reseller/customer base. The promo also applies to registrants only from Latin American, Caribbean, Chinese, South Asian and African countries. With this promo, ResellerClub aims to give its resellers the opportunity to aid Non-profit organisations, associations and committees to establish a powerful online presence at the most economical pricing.

“Our powerful promo engine coupled with .ORG promotional pricing will allow our resellers to target untapped audience segments across geographies and cultures. .ORG domain names for as low as $1.49 will help resellers’ upsell other products and market an attractive package to their new as well as existing customers. We aim to consistently provide our resellers with many such promotions and special discounts that will generate far greater profits and a larger customer base for them,” said Bhavin Turakhia, CEO, ResellerClub.

ResellerClub boasts of the most comprehensive product portfolio including Domain Registration, Advanced Web and Email hosting, Live Chat services, ecommerce modules, website builder etc, available at the most economical pricing existing today. ResellerClub also provides complete business process automation, private labeled domain registrations and fully brandable ready-made reseller websites- SuperSite and PartnerSite.

“We wanted to recognize our loyal as well as newly signed up resellers to our ‘value for money’ brand image. Apart from the .ORG promotion, we are also in process of launching a slew of brand new products and services that will guarantee our resellers the most advanced product portfolio thus, ensuring them complete automation and a strong online presence,” added Bhavin.

Currently, ResellerClub is also offering huge discounts on hosting packages and an extremely low .INFO domain pricing alongside the .ORG promo. The company is also simultaneously integrating many popular TLDs. Some of the TLDs currently in various stage of implementation include .TW, .CN, .MOBI, .CC, .BZ, .TV and many more.

For more details about the .ORG domain sale and ResellerClub’s current promos, visit

About ResellerClub:

ResellerClub (, a Directi Group business, is one of the largest private label Web solutions providers in the world and an industry leader in providing end-to-end automation to domain resellers, Web hosts, Web designers, and other Web service companies. We provide the most comprehensive product portfolio at the most competitive prices. We currently provide our products and services and power the backend infrastructure and software of thousands of Web hosts worldwide.

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