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Brinkster Eliminates Downtime With Nominum's ANS Server

September 20, 2006; 02:11 AM

Nominum Inc., the leading provider of network naming and addressing solutions, today announced that Brinkster, an international provider of web hosting for individuals, small and medium-sized businesses and web-developers, has selected its Foundation Authoritative Name Server (ANS) to provide superior quality of service, reliability and performance for its domain name customers. The upgrade of Brinkster's existing authoritative DNS servers with Nominum's carrier grade ANS servers has enabled real-time activation updates for customers, eliminated downtime and ultimately enables Brinkster to provide the highest level of service while remaining competitive in price.

Nominum ANS is the most scalable authoritative name server available. It was designed for communication providers that need an always-on authoritative DNS, host large numbers of resource records, or have to support many DNS zones. ANS is deployed where DNS availability, manageability, security, scalability and performance are most critical. Nominum technology optimizes function and performance for authoritative and caching DNS functions by separating each role in distinct products.

"We currently manage more than seventy thousand domain names, and needed DNS technology that would allow us to seamlessly scale while providing superior performance for our customers," said Nat Kemberling, chief technology officer at Brinkster. "Nominum technology is the only option for us to implement updates -- such as adding a new domain name -- in real time, without shutting down our service, allowing us to activate customer domains much faster."

"As a growing web hosting provider, Brinkster requires an always-on, highly reliable DNS infrastructure to support their users and grow their customer base," said Tim Dyer, VP of sales, Nominum. "ANS is designed for companies like Brinkster that strive to improve their customer experience and deliver business continuity."

Nominum ANS is a dedicated DNS authoritative name server with higher performance -- in query responses per second -- than any other name server product. It scales to millions of names, millions of zones, and can be configured and managed remotely without downtime. ANS is used by customers running DNS registries and registrars, DNS hosting providers, service providers with strict service-level obligations and any organization that has a critical dependence on network naming resources in their IP network.

A podcast featuring Brinkster's chief executive office, Jared Stauffer and chief technology officer, Nat Kemberling is available at .

About Brinkster

Established in 1999, Brinkster Communications Corporation is a privately held web hosting company. With customers in over 170 different countries worldwide, Brinkster offers web hosting solutions that cater to individuals, small to medium sized businesses and web developers starting at only $2.95 a month. For more information, please contact [email protected], or visit their website at

About Nominum

Nominum's network naming and addressing solutions power the world's largest always-on networks. Nominum is a global provider of ENUM-based IP-Application Routing Directory, DNS and DHCP solutions that enable communication providers to deliver high quality always-on broadband internet and innovative services to their customers, including VoIP, push to talk, fixed-mobile convergence, IPTV and triple-play. For further information, visit

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