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Quarus Domains Creates New Marketing Division Exclusively for Real Estate Professionals

October 5, 2006; 06:14 AM
Quarus Domains, a leader in Internet domain name investing, today announced the creation of its new Real Estate Branding division. The company is offering a premier group of real estate domain names that are city/state specific and utilize keywords such as MLS, Realtor, realty, and properties. Examples include,,, and over 1,500 others.

V. Timothy Ovloff, Director of Strategic Planning, explained, "One of the truths of modern business is that there is almost nothing that your competitors can't duplicate in a matter of months. What's most important to real estate professionals in today's tightening market, therefore, is his/her brand. It's how they establish and perpetuate recognition. Studies have proven that egocentric domain names such as have consistently failed to accomplish this."

In July, consultants Borrell Associates reported that online real estate advertising rose from $396 million in 2001 to $1.7 billion in 2005. They went on to predict that Internet real estate advertising will grow to a $2 billion level this year and push past $3 billion by 2010, surpassing newspapers in terms of advertising market share.

Real estate professional marketing consultant Sara Belkin feels that, "With pricing as low as $10 per month, this is a great opportunity for agents to move into Internet marketing in a big way with the finest of web addresses. The branding power Quarus Domains is offering will allow these agents to dominate the Internet real estate market in the future."

Ovloff referenced Diane Strickland, a real estate agent near Savannah, Ga. who, in July, purchased for $2,400. Strickland believed that a good domain name would trim her advertising costs. She has found that not only did customers searching for multiple listing services come across her Web site, but many had typed the URL directly into the address bar. "I have had a tremendous amount of success and I think it was worth every cent," said Strickland.

Acknowledging how the Internet has completely rewritten the rules of how consumers buy and sell homes, Ovloff concluded, "As the Diane Strickland example shows, these city/state specific domain names attract thousands of Internet savvy buyers and sellers every day. The unique drawing power of these domains will grow any real estate agent's business."

Quarus Domains is a privately held company based in Boulder, Colorado and is a recognized leader in top level domain investing. Since 2003, the company has been acquiring, enhancing and selling portfolios of Internet domain names and is working with domain investors to build the world's most profitable and highest quality portfolio of names.

V. Timothy Ovloff
Quarus Domains



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