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Exceptional Domain Names for Uranium Companies

November 15, 2006; 01:20 AM

Uranium companies around the world are being invited to bid on seven domains with names that go with the industry. On offer from, they include and According to Howard Arzt of, the new domain names have been acquired because of their capacity, among other things, to secure high search engine rankings.

Premium domain names are up for grabs by Uranium Companies seeking to improve their presence on the world-wide Web. The search engine friendly names are being offered on a first come basis by

Making the announcement, Howard Arzt said the Uranium domain names available now are of true premium quality and among the best in any category acquired by the company. He said the names are short and easy to spell, like ‘’ and ‘’. All contain the word Uranium. is renowned for assembling keyword rich domain names for a range of businesses. These include organizations dealing in credit and finance, investment, health and fitness, food and beverage and travel. Arzt said his company is guided by the principle that a website is nothing without a good functional domain with a name that is easy to remember. He said they take pride in the success of their domain names which ‘we only acquire because of their capacity to attract high search engine rankings, improve the brand and enhance the credibility of their final owner.’

Arzt said they have seven exceptional domain names for properties in the Uranium industry. He said “by including Uranium in the two word name, we have succeeded in making them particularly attractive to companies with long or less familiar names.” is also confident that Uranium companies worldwide that bid successfully for the new domain names will realize a significant increase in traffic whether they adopt the new name for the main company site or just a domain name.

Acknowledging that the seven domain names are already attracting interest from companies Arzt stressed that they can only be offered once. He said the names are so pertinent; (,,,,, and companies may also be quick to identify them as a long-term investment that will stand the test of time.

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