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Leading Web Application for DNS Monitoring Will Introduce Targeted Advertising to Support Free Services

November 27, 2006; 08:00 AM, the Webs premiere destination for DNS and network tools, today announced plans to support its existing set of tools and reports by expanding more relevant and targeted advertising opportunities on the site. currently reaches more than two million IT Managers, chief information officers, chief security officers, and domain owners each month.

The Domain Name System is one of the most vital, yet fragile, components of the Web infrastructure. By its very nature it is dependent on millions of IT professionals around the globe to maintain it on a daily basis, which also leaves it highly susceptible to a mistake or an attack. has grown into the preeminent web application and resource for IT professionals to better monitor and maintain this DNS infrastructure because of its set of free tools.

It is absolutely vital that we maintain these mission critical tools as a free resource for DNS professionals, explained Paul D. Parisi, CTO of This new advertising initiative allows us to ensure that by giving advertisers the ability to reach the Webs largest audience of qualified IT administrators in a considerate and relevant manner.

The average IT visitor to is responsible for four active domains, and visits the site more than five times per month. The two million visitors per month to generate more than 22 million impressions per month and are responsible for billions of dollars in IT budgets. Per month page impressions are expected to nearly double to more than 40 million in December.

Examples of the free tools available at are:

1. IP Information: accesses publicly available data to help administrators gather information about an IP address for anti-fraud purposes, to find out what information is exposed, or to determine the location of an IP address.

2. WHOIS: a directory of domain name information that can be queried to determine domain ownership in order to track down spammers, to contact other domain administrators, or to report a problem with a domain.

3. Reverse DNS Lookup: allows administrators to look up a hostname using the IP address to find information about an IP address that is causing problems, to verify that a mail server has a reverse DNS entry, or to gather information about who is visiting your website.

Later this year, plans to introduce a membership plan as well as a proactive DNS monitoring and alerting service. These new offerings will help provide IT professionals with constant monitoring and knowledge of their DNS status and security.

About is the Webs premiere destination for DNS professionals, offering free online tools to monitor and maintain one of the most vital, yet vulnerable, lynchpins in the infrastructure supporting the Web the Domain Name System. is a web application that provides all the tools necessary to ensure that your DNS operates smoothly, efficiently and safely. It is one of the largest and most trusted communities of IT professionals on the Web, and can be found at

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