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February 14, 2007; 02:10 AM®, the largest registrar of domain names worldwide, has expanded its sponsorship advertising agreement with Internet television network, Revision3. Under the agreement, Go Daddy® becomes a sponsor for all Revision3 Internet television shows.

Revision3 is popularly known as the producer and broadcaster of Diggnation, InDigital, PixelPerfect, and Ctrl-Alt-Chicken among others, and was the first Internet television network to develop and showcase original music, science, technology and comedic programming.

“We’ve been happy with our podcast advertising. Promoting Revision3’s new TV network is a natural extension for us,” said Barb Rechterman, Go Daddy Executive Vice President. “These guys are onto something big. At Go Daddy, we recognize the importance of innovation and the folks at Revision3 are leading the pack."

With more than 15 million downloads to date, Revision3 programs are available at; on every TiVo® box with a podcast feature; on Palm, Inc. mobile devices via the Blazer browser; and on partner Web sites including Apple® iTunes®, Google® Video, YouTube™, BitTorrent™ and DivX™.

“Revision3’s ability to reach the 18-34 year old demographic and our sponsorship vs. commercial advertising approach allows Go Daddy to reach an audience sweet spot,” said Jay Adelson, CEO of Digg™ and Revision3. “Our sponsors are part of each show rather than standard commercial-based advertisers. Our viewers don’t tune out our sponsors. They embrace them as part of the programming and buy their products. has been a pioneer in supporting this new world of Internet TV advertising and they’ve reaped the rewards with greater sales.”

For more about Go Daddy, visit: For more about Revision3, visit:

For more about Go Daddy CEO & Founder Bob Parsons’ podcast, visit:

About The Go Daddy Group, Inc.

Go Daddy® is a leading provider of services that enable individuals and businesses to establish, maintain and evolve an online presence. Go Daddy provides a variety of domain name registration and Web site hosting services, as well as a broad array of on-demand and other services. The Go Daddy Group, Inc. has more than 18.3 million domain names under management. Go Daddy registers, renews or transfers a domain name every 2 seconds. is the world's No. 1 domain name registrar according to Name Intelligence, Inc. is also rated the world's largest hostname provider according to Netcraft® Ltd. During 2006, The Go Daddy Group registered approximately one-third of all domain names registered in the top six generic top-level domains, or gTLDs, including .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info.

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