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Domain Name FN.ORG Up For Auction on Sedo

February 20, 2007; 01:18 AM

Web Management S.A., an Internet domain investment and development company located in the Republic of Panama, is auctioning off the domain name this week.

The company had acquired a few months ago with plans to hold the domain name as a long-term investment. Large numbers of unsolicited offers from around the world prompted the decision to auction off on, the world's largest domain marketplace.

"The letter combination FN is used by a large number of companies and organizations around the world. It also stands for Finance or Financial News among many other possible meanings", said Martin Milagros, Web Management's vice president of marketing.

Prices for short and memorable domain names such as have been increasing by 50% to 100% per year since the dot com crash in 2000.

"There is no end in sight to attractive growth rates due to the increasing scarcity of solid domain names," explained Milagros. "Traditional domain extensions such as .com and .org benefit from instant credibility and more than a decade of worldwide branding efforts. Many organizations are willing to pay a premium rather than end up with less known extensions such as .biz, .info or .us."

After only one day, bidding for had reached $6,099. Web Management expects that amount to increase to a five-figure buying price by the time the auction concludes on February 26.

Domain name investing began in the early days of the Internet, when visionary individuals bought domains they thought would be in demand in the future, then sold them later, sometimes at a substantial profit.

Newsweek and Business 2.0 recently reported on a new surge of investment companies focused on buying and selling Internet domain names. While waiting for the right buyer, domain investors can monetize their domains with relevant pay-per-click (PPC) ads provided by Google and Yahoo.

The auction can be accessed at

Web Management S.A. is a domain investment and Web site development company located in Panama that buys, holds, develops and sells domains.

More information about domain name investing is available at or

Contact: Martin Milagros

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