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Collax Improves Web Content Filtering

March 7, 2007; 08:00 AM
Collax improves web content filtering security from version 3.0.24 onwards by preventing surfing via IP addresses on Collax Business Servers. Previously not possible, now if a user enters an IP address, it is automatically changed to the domain name so the web content filter can check it and, if necessary, block the request.

Web content filtering allows unwanted websites to be recognized and blocked by certain saved keywords. This is only possible when the user activates such a web server via a URL; when an IP address is used instead, the security mechanism is not activated. Collax Business Server 3.0.24 recognizes when a user tries to activate a server by using an IP address and the server is automatically deleted in the Domain Name System (DNS) via Reverse-Lookup. In this way, becomes This name is then checked against the entries in filter lists.

"Surfing websites that are not secure costs companies time and money, let alone the security threat for the corporate network," said Falk Kraemer, senior product manager at Collax. "In refining our web content filtering, we have significantly improved the security of our Collax Business Servers."

Price and Availability

Collax Business Server 3.0.24 is immediately available as a software solution and also as a pre-configured hardware appliance. Home users can download Collax Business Server via for free for a maximum of five workstations. A one-year subscription for the 'Software Only' version of Collax Business Server for ten users costs $510, and the same subscription for up to 100 workstations is $2,295. The entry level model for the pre-configured plug-and-play appliance, Collax Business Server 40, costs $1,510. The subscription includes a 30-day installation support and a full year's update service. All costs are subject to sales tax.

About Collax, Inc. - Simply Linux

With more than 8,000 installations worldwide, Collax delivers turn-key, Linux-based server solutions to help run a business. The solutions contain a suite of best of breed open source applications for security, networking and communication. Also available pre-loaded on hardware, the server software can be used with any Windows, Mac or Linux client devices and requires no customer administration. SMBs or departments of larger enterprises realize Linux functionality, scalability, security and rapid innovation without learning a new operating system. For more information, visit

Press contact: Baker Communications Group, Collax U.S., Bill Baker, 860-350-9100, [email protected]

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