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Largest Portfolio of Arizona Real Estate Domains is for Sale, Could Fetch Over $1M

New Media Real Estate

May 18, 2007; 06:38 AM

A domain name portfolio of 200 Arizona real estate domain names that are town specific serving one of the the hottest real estate markets in the nation Arizona, are being offered for sale by New Media Real Estate. New media real estate is a company that specializes in domain names and virtual property as investments. These are keyword rich Arizona real estate domains. The Importance of keywords in in a domain is tremendous benefit because of the ranking weight search engines place on keywords in a domain name. The other major benefit is type-in traffic. Type-in traffic is web site traffic generated by an internet user typing in keywords and placing the .com or other extension into their browser without going to a search engine.

Arizona real estate domains

All the good Arizona real domains have been taken long ago by large domain investing corporations and private collectors. "This is the largest portfolio of Arizona real estate domains currently for sale that we know of. The company that purchases this domain portfolio will see returns on their investment for many, many years to come." adds Bill Scott CEO of All of our domain keywords have been researched to ensure people are searching for these terms. Most of our domains have the .COM extension which makes them even more valuable. Our portfolio has a wide range of local destinations including: Phoenix, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley to name a few. We have both commercial and residential web addresses. or would be an excellentweb address for a commercial real estate firm. A domain like or would be a great domain name for a residential agent. The portfolio also includes a few 4 and 5 letter .com names that would be perfect on a real estate sign. would be easy to read on a sign. I have seen some really long domains on the for sale signs. You almost have to squint to read it even when you are standing right next to it. We even have domains for builders like and You can see the complete list of domains at

A quick lesson in 21st century real estate.

According to the 2006 National Association of REALTORS (NAR) Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 80% of all home buyers used the Internet as an information source. NAR also states that 66 percent of all home buyers stick with the first real estate agent they contact. Real estate professionals say an online presence is second only to posting a For Sale sign for generating sales leads.

The real estate market in Arizona

During the next 30 years, Arizona will add another 8.5 million residents to the 6 million-plus who already call Arizona home. Despite a recent conversion back to more normal home sales Arizona consistently has been one of the top recipients of new people moving in from another state. The Arizona real estate market will continue to be one hottest in the US for decades.

When you combine these two facts you can see that we are offering the perfect recipe for REAL-ty success. Some of the domains in our portfolio even have web sites already made and are even ranked on the first page of google and other search engines for arizona real estate keywords.

Why are we selling the domain portfolio? Well to borrow a real estate expression we are trying to make the highest and best use of our virtual land. Sure we can be another in a long list of lead agitators but what we would really like to see is a local real estate company with enough Internet savvy to purchase our portfolio. It's the difference between making us $50.00 a lead vs a real estate company making $50,000.00 for a sale. We are going to take the proceeds from the domain sale and fund a web development project of ours. This project will generate a huge amount of income hopefully in the hundred million dollar range.

Deadline for the sale is July 18, 2007 You can see the complete list of domains for sale and sample search engine results by visiting

About New Media Real Estate
New media real estate buys and sells domain names and web sites with traffic. If you Interested in an investment opportunity or listing your virtual real estate with our company please call us 602.690.0442 or email [email protected]

Bill Scott, 602.690.0442, email [email protected]



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