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Parents and Friends Are Buying Up Rights to Web Site Names for Children

July 3, 2007; 06:44 AM announced that the company is experiencing a surge in the number of people who are buying the rights to Web site names for their newborns or for a friend or relative’s child.

“This is a way to give someone an inexpensive gift that will last for the child’s whole lifetime, instead of a toy that winds up in a storage closet after six months,” says Go Daddy Executive Vice President Barb Rechterman. “Parents can also buy this type of gift for their own kids. Eventually, the family may be able to make an activity out of creating a Web site together, using the baby’s domain name.”

More and more parents are choosing to reserve a Web site address created from their children’s name through Registering your child’s place on the Internet is like securing land in an up-and-coming neighborhood before the value increases.

“Some people want to ensure they have rights to the name now while it’s available for a reasonable price, rather than waiting for a day when it’s no longer available or the resale price might cost them a lot more,” said Rechterman.

A domain name is an educational, practical gift that may help contribute to the child learning about technology, and securing a domain name is becoming more popular every day. Consider this - Go Daddy recently handled the paid registrations of 1 million domains in just one month, an Internet first.

Even if you aren’t good with computers, it’s incredibly easy to register a baby’s domain name. Just go to and type in the desired name where it says, “Start a domain search,” at the top of the page. The search will show whether the name is available or if you can buy the rights to a similar name.

Go Daddy also offers additional products that you might find useful for the child’s new Web site. You can buy a tool called WebSite Tonight® to help create the content of the Web site. Website Tonight includes templates with family and baby-themed images. A tool called Online Photo Filer lets you share, print and manage your family photos online. Go Daddy also offers email tools to help you communicate with others about your kids online, and you can set up an email account for your baby’s name, too.

The Go Daddy Group, Inc. is the world’s most popular domain name registrar with more than 22 million domains under management and top-notch 24-hour-a-day customer support. More than 4 million customers rely on Go Daddy for their domain registration, Web site hosting, email and related Internet services.

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