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DigiCert Passes WebTrust EV Audit and Launches EV SSL Plus

August 14, 2007; 01:50 AM

Today DigiCert, Inc. announced that it has met all WebTrust requirements, as audited by KPMG LLP, for issuing Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates based on the standards established by the CA/Browser Forum. DigiCert helped establish the higher standards for EV certificates, collaborating with internet leaders such as Microsoft, Mozilla, and Opera.

"EV is a critical new step to protect internet users against fraud by providing a substantially higher level of identity verification," said Simon Langley, Principal Advisor at KPMG. "KPMG has issued DigiCert the WebTrust for CAs seal three years running. DigiCert has now extended its services to include issuance of EV certificates. We are delighted that DigiCert has quickly and successfully met the new EV requirements, earning the new WebTrust EV Seal."

When visiting a site protected by an EV SSL certificate, high-security browsers will indicate the authentic identity of the site's owner. For example, in IE7 the color of address bar changes to green, and the name of the verified site owner appears next to the site name itself, assuring your customers that your web site is not a look-alike trying to steal their private information.

"DigiCert's unique implementation of EV certificates, called EV SSL Plus, allows one certificate to secure your chosen domain name with or without the 'www.' (e.g. '' and ''), eliminating confusion over which version of the name to use in your SSL certificate. DigiCert's EV Plus protects both names at no added cost, so you don't have to choose one over the other. Your users will see the same EV green bar regardless of which site name they type," explained DigiCert CEO Ken Bretschneider. "This feature combined with our excellent customer service makes our low price of $495 an unbeatable value."

About DigiCert
DigiCert is a US-based commercial CA specializing in High-Assurance SSL Certificate and Identity Assurance Services globally, to a variety of sectors including business, education, and government. DigiCert is a WebTrust certified extended validation certificate authority and a member of the CA/Browser Forum and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). DigiCert provides its customers with innovative products at value pricing and is committed to exemplary support.



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