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First Virtual Reality Email: Vmail at vtp://vmail.web

Register Email Address for Free - Free Virtual Wide Web-based Email Service

October 24, 2007; 02:53 AM

Welcome to Vmail, Free Virtual Wide Web-based Email Service. Send, receive, and organize email with Vmail, Virtual Email World. Here at Vmail, we're offering up a wide variety of virtual, unique and attractive email addresses and quality email service for all Internet users.

Stop Spam and Take Control of Your Email. Receive only the email you actually want. State of the art security puts you back in control of your email.

More Than An Email - Virtual Community Portal: Free web-based email, anti-spam, no ads, no popups, no taglines, new mails notification, online calendar, personal gallery, instant messenger, chatrooms, personal blog, favorite blogs, profile, contacts, find friends and more.

Get a Memorable Email Address. Be memorable with an email address as unique as you are. Grab your name now, before someone else does!

Here's an exciting chance to register your email address with any virtual domain like [email protected], [email protected]

Business Email Accounts, [email protected]_company.web, focus on your core business instead of spam. Personal Email Accounts, [email protected]_name.web, designed for individuals, families and small groups who want personalized and permanent email accounts.

Promote your new email address using virtual mail protocol vmail and virtual link like vmail:[email protected] Enable your browser to recognise Virtual Wide Web and SIGN UP NOW at vtp://vmail.web

With Virtual Wide Web, all generic domain names are available again for registration and with any extension, such as .com, .net, .biz, .info, .uk, .tv, .web, .shop and many more.

This is your second chance to register domains like, or

Please visit for more information.

Virtually Yours,

Nikola Anastasov, founder

Nikola Anastasov, founder, Elmed Medicomat Ltd., admin at,

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