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Tokai Tokyo Securities Trusts in GlobalSign EV SSL

GlobalSign can announce that one of their first global reference customers is Tokai Tokyo Securities.

December 6, 2007; 04:29 AM

PORTSMOUTH, NH – GlobalSign (, one of the longest established Certification Authorities (CA) and specialists in SSL security, today reported that it is witnessing increasing demand for its Extended Validation SSL Certificate, named ExtendedSSL.  The new EV SSL Certificate has already been issued to customers such as the Tokai Tokyo Securities Co. Ltd, a public Japan-based securities company engaged in securities transaction and transaction commitment, as well as the underwriting, sale, public offering and private offering of securities, and other securities-related businesses.  EV SSL triggers the new “green address bar” in Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) and gives companies a means of visibly showing they are a truly authentic and secure site – a clear business differentiator for online companies affected by today’s relentless phishing attacks and a growing mistrust of online services by consumers.

EV Certificates represent the greatest advancement in SSL technology since its inception over 10 years ago, and allows previously unattainable levels of website authentication using improved SSL technology.  New high security browsers such as IE7 on Windows identify EV certificates and activate the browser interface security enhancements, such as the new Green Address Bar feature in IE7.  In turn, user confidence is maximised, safe in the knowledge that the website is an authentic company and has been officially identified by an audited Certification Authority. 

“Having recently launched our EV SSL Certificates, GlobalSign is very pleased that we can already announce one of our first global reference customers in Tokai Tokyo Securities.  With both phishing instances and identity fraud constantly on the rise across all manner of online businesses, organizations need to find new ways in which they can not only offer secure environments for their customers to carry out business in, but also provide a universally understood and accepted means of showing that they are a legitimate company,” said Johan Sys, CEO GlobalSign Inc.  “With our EV SSL Certificate offering, GlobalSign is adding more value and benefits than any other player in the market, enabling new improved security but with a lower cost of ownership to our customers.”

GlobalSign’s ExtendedSSL Certificates offer a range of benefits over and above those provided by other CAs in the market such as VeriSign:

  • Warranty extended to $250,000 and underwritten by insurance
  • The highest discounts in the industry when opting for a 2 year validity period

GlobalSign ExtendedSSL Certificates offer further assurances that strong encryption strength is guaranteed as they also incorporate Server Gated Cryptography (SGC) at no additional charge to the end user – a service other SSL Providers charge a premium for.  SGC automatically “steps up” the weak encryption levels (40 bit) of older legacy browsers to strong encryption (128 bit).

The criteria for issuing EV Certificates (the EV Certificate Guidelines) are produced by the CA/Browser Forum, an organization whose members include leading Certification Authorities and browser vendors, as well as representatives from the legal and audit sectors.  GlobalSign and VeriSign (including its acquired companies GeoTrust and Thawte) are two such members.

For more information on EV SSL and to see a GlobalSign ExtendedSSL certificates in operation please visit  To compare the GlobalSign EV SSL offering with the other major EV SSL providers, please visit  

About GlobalSign

Established in 1996 and as a WebTrust accredited public certificate authority, GlobalSign offers publicly trusted SSL, including new Extended Validation SSL Certificates, S/MIME and code signing certificates for use on all Windows platforms including Mobile. The GlobalSign RootSign program allows the widely distributed and highly trusted GlobalSign root CA certificates to provide immediate trust for Microsoft CA and other inhouse CA users, thereby eliminating the costs associated with supporting non-trusted root CA certificates within an enterprise. These core GlobalSign solutions allow its thousands of enterprise customers to conduct secure online transactions and data submission, and provide tamper-proof distributable code as well as being able to bind identities to client certificates for email security and remote two factor authentication, such as SSL VPNs.  The company has a rich history of innovation within the online security market and operates sales and support offices in the US, UK, Japan and Belgium, with services available in a number of European and Asian languages.

About GMO Internet Inc.

GMO Internet Inc. (CEO Masatoshi Kumagai) is headquartered in Tokyo and is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, First Section (Code: 9449).  Its Internet based business areas include Internet infrastructure and media. Further details can be found at and Mr Kumagai’s profile can be found at

For futher information please contact James Kennedy on +44 (0)20 8392 4091, or Stephanie Ross on +44 (0)20 8932 4095.

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[email protected]

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