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DomainTools Announces Top Domains to be Auctioned January 10

Kick off your new year with the DomainTools online auction! Top picks of excellent domain names now available. Auction ends January 10, 2008.

January 9, 2008; 07:05 AM

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) January 9, 2008 -- Bid on choice picks from literally thousands of domain names submitted. is ready to host the latest online auction. The bidding is open now and ends 11:00am PST on January 10, 2008.

Examples of top picks from the nearly 200 names include: Healthy Heart (healtyheart .com), a positive, versatile name with excellent potential for top brand advertising or for an informational site; NoFees (nofees .com) comes with great organic SEO ranking and potential for financial organizations of all types; Kegger (kegger .com) has a wide commercial appeal, or could be a great opportunity to start the next big college site.

Not just for niche professionals, owning domains is a new industry for everyone. The DomainTools auction is open to anyone willing to participate. Users can bid safely, and watch comfortably, from any computer anywhere since the auction is strictly online. The team at DomainTools welcomes all new and old bidders to take part in their latest event.

A random sample of domains available are:

Adverting .info (Adverting .info)
Breast Cancer Blog .com (BreastCancerBlog .com)
Camera .cc (Camera .cc)
Celebrity Pic .mobi (CelebrityPic .mobi)
Charmed Life .com (CharmedLife .com)
Compare Tax .com (CompareTax .com) and Tax Compare .com (TaxCompare .com)
Grampa .com (Grampa .com)
Hollywood Housing .com (HollywoodHousing .com)
Hud .us (Hud .us)
Jewel .mobi (Jewel .mobi)
K9 Cop .com (K9Cop .com) and k-9 Cop .com (k-9Cop .com)
Nerdy .com (Nerdy .com)
Nutritious Diets .com (NutritiousDiets .com)
Phishing Scam .com (PhishingScam .com)
Religious Affiliation .com (ReligiousAffiliation .com)
TXT Messaging .com (TXTMessaging .com)
Valid .name (Valid .name)
Vote Obama .org (VoteObama .org)
Wifi Cafes .com (WifiCafes .com)

The full list of domains, the reserve price and relevant domain data is available at: DomainTools Live Auction

NAME INTELLIGENCE, Inc., operator of and Domain Roundtable Conference, is the most promising source for evolutionary domain wisdom. Through years of professional expertise in software engineering and sophisticated interest of the global domain space. This know-how and experience has given NI deft insight into the domaining industry, and is infused into NI's fresh and ever-innovative technologies. Crafted for domainers, these tools are unique in their ability to conform to the needs of a wide population of users.

Please contact Name Intelligence at or at (206) 838-9035.




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