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New Tri-Vision Global Film Inspiring World to Fulfill Life Dreams

January 22, 2008; 07:21 AM

Jacksonville, FL (Vocus/PRWeb) January 21, 2008 -- Tri-Vision Global, the first corporate entity of its kind, integrating personal improvement, business development, spiritual growth and groundbreaking technology resources for equipping individuals and companies with the wisdom, skills and tools necessary for achieving visions and thriving in the New Global Economy, has proudly released the timely, moving, heartwarming HD film production of “What’s Your Dream.”

The “What’s Your Dream” experience at is designed to do more than simply inspire and motivate people to go after their dreams, but help viewers realize there are others depending on their dreams to come to pass,” states Roger Gauthier, CEO and Founder of Tri-Vision Global! He adds, “It’s simply not just enough to dream the dream, but you’ve got to get up and begin LIVING your dream!”

Gauthier shares, “In Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King’s efforts, it is with tremendous pleasure and joy that Tri-Vision Global makes available the new HD version of "What's Your Dream” in hopes of inspiring America and the World to go out and "Live Your Dream!"

“Look what one person’s dream has done for millions of others. Where would we be today if other dreams had not been pursued? Live full out and stop watching your life pass day by day as the real dream in your heart waits for you to give it life. Take action! You don't have to get it perfect, you just need to get it started,” Gauthier proclaims.

Now, Tri-Vision Global is offering a free month of hosting, a free domain name and a host of tools and resources to help transform dreams into reality for individuals and companies alike!

Gauthier urges, “You’ll want to Stop Dreaming the Dream & Start Living It once you’ve viewed the inspirational, heart touching “What’s Your Dream” HD movie at”;

For more details, contact Roger Gauthier at [email protected]

Or, call 904-221-4281. Visit for more information.

About Tri-Vision Global
Founded in 2003, Tri-Vision Global utilizes advanced technologies and key alliance partnerships to provide holistic training and development towards ensuring the successful launch, growth and eventual realization of dreams and visions of individuals and companies alike. Tri-Vision Global offers unprecedented access to trusted advisors, powerful networks and alliance partnerships, for effectively guiding people through skill development and growth, acquiring financing and receiving quality training and support via leading edge eLearning platforms and delivery systems.




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