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February 26, 2008; 07:20 AM

DomainsAvailableNow .com domain name search engine is offering a link service to help domainers and entrepreneurs meet and work together.

You may not have heard the term domainers but you will says Scott Alliy President of a domain name search engine and creator of a new program to match domainers with entrepreneurs.

Domainers are to the Internet what Real Estate agents and brokers are to the brick and mortar world says Scott. In many cases they are the catalysts to popular and successful websites that each of use or visit daily. In other cases they combined forces with people that have similar passions and complimentary talents. Scott used his creative ability and a great domain name to create a niche market search engine which has grown to be the largest of its kind on the Internet.

On the internet it all starts with an address and that is what domain names are. They are the words similar to a street number of a house, the address makes it easy for your to find and remember the property says Scott. Domain names may follow the www when you type a url into your browser but make no mistake the actual domain name of a website is the most important as savvy internet users know.

One problem with the Internet says Scott is that many domain names are in a closet instead of in the mainstream. This is because the people with vision arrived on the scene before the people with purpose and or resources.

According to Scott there are some great websites in waiting that once developed will have a great impact on the lives of many people.

Scott points to specific domain names in his own companies portfolio as examples.

His company Allied Internet Solutions Inc. a Houston based internet consulting firm specializes in creating and operating niche market directories. Recently they took multiple golf directories offline for lack of productivity. and all had the potential for significant use but like many other domainers and entrepreneurs Scott said the his company lacked the time and resources to bring the sites to market.

For this reason AIS via their domain name search engine is offering to engage their services to help domainers with properties find and align with entrepreneurs and investors to bring their own projects to market where they and thousands of Internet users can and will benefit from the new productive websites.

Our short term goal says Scott is to bring a minimum of 100 new Internet success stories to life by the end of 2008.

For more information or to find other domainers, entrepreneurs and investors please visit or contact AIS at (832) 687-4345.

About Us: is a subsidiary of Allied Internet Solutions a Houston Texas based Internet consulting firm. For more details about the project and to find entrepreneurs investors and business partners please visit

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