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Press Releases by Opens Door to .ASIA Landrush With Gold Rush Prices

March 7, 2008; 02:18 AM

Denver, CO (PRWEB) March 7, 2008 -- The worlds largest and most populace continent is ready to embrace it's very own TLD. With 4 billion inhabitants and a growing presence on the world wide web the .ASIA TLD is expected to serve as a unifying location on the Internet, much like the .EU extension was for Europe.

The .EU TLD covered a population of 712,000,000 and 48 countries, by comparison Asia encompasses more than 4 Billion individuals and 70 countries. As a result expectations are high for all involved. ".ASIA is expected to be a hot investment for domain name speculators as well as corporate citizens looking for a broad entry into the Asian region. There is just no other way to geo-target so many people at once." according to Bill Mushkin, Founder and CEO of

Already 30,780 .ASIA domain applications have been submitted during the Sunrise Period. The Landrush period is likely to be huge with registrars from around the globe submitting hundreds of thousands of .ASIA applications. Because the .ASIA landrush is not a "first come first served" period, duplicate orders can be submitted for the same name, it's not too late to place your orders for any non-trademarked domain name.

Mushkin says "The auction format of the .ASIA landrush ensures that an individual with enough vested interest in a name has a shot at getting the name they want. It's not just whoever happens to be sitting at a computer when the switch is flipped and that's a great equalizer." Any domain name that has been applied for by more than one person will enter into a private auction between all interested parties. The name will go to the highest bidder in the auction period which commences after the landrush period ends on March 12. All domains that were only received one applicant will be registered to the applicant without any public auction. is now accepting registrations at $15.50/per year for the initial two year registration period. The landrush period will end on March 12. No domain names will be placed until that time. is a privately held ICANN accredited registrar operating in Denver, Colorado. offers over 50 different gTLD and ccTLD extensions as well as aftermarket domain brokerage, brand management and consulting services.




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