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Visionary Company Captures 'The Best Web-Address' in the World, Literally

March 7, 2008; 02:12 AM

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) March 7, 2008 --, for the past 2 years, has been best known for stockpiling premium domain names to help level the playing field for smaller investors seeking to cash in on a booming Internet Real Estate market. Today, they are celebrating the fact that they can answer the question, once and for all, "Who has The Best Web-Address in the entire world?" And they do, literally, as will be seen in a moment.

Before we disclose the answer to this question please understand that the global demand for desirable domain names/web-addresses can't be overstated. The Associated Press reported in July, 07 that the industry is up 31% over the previous year and that nearly 90,000 new domain names are registered daily and that this 2 Billion Dollar industry is expected to double over the next 2 years. Cyberspace and Physical Space both require an address to exist and Real Estate remains the undisputed champion of creating wealth.

Rever Thabiti, Sr. VP Sales & Mktg. for says "The dotcom extension was not enough to accommodate the global demand for Web-Addresses, so ICANN (the internet's highest governing authority) had to create more extensions to accommodate the rest of countries in the world. ICANN approved .ORG, .NET and now .DE for Denmark, .US for United States and .ST for Sao Tome. What we have done is create a new angle to better compete against the greed of those who try to sell .COM's at exorbitant prices and this has set off a whole new trend. What we do is create Supreme Web-Addresses to beat out the best .COM's. It's done by using the extension to complete the spelling of the entire address itself and thus give a powerful and undeniable distinction from the rest. We have, for example,,,,,,, our American motto, and now we have " Thabiti adds " This address is not only The Best because it says so, but because now it doesn't matter what new extension is created later in the future because in this case, and unlike all others, the extension itself completes the spelling of the entire address for all time and can never be topped." Since these are ICANN approved, there is never a need to type the "www."

Now, one can say "Oh, you're, and you're but I'm" is also revealing a look at the next generation of Web-Addresses such as www.24.7, WallStreet.USA, Pharmacy.Rx, , Car.s and many others. You must get a browser upgrade before you can access the next generation web-addresses and they offer a Free Upgrade at their site.

For more info please visit or call 720-987-5252




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