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First Domain Sold Via Fusu -- The Domain Stock Exchange

First sale of a Fusu-listed domain brings returns of 55-80% to its investors.

March 27, 2008; 06:42 AM

(PRWEB) March 26, 2008 -- Today marks another milestone for Fusu, the Domain Stock Exchange: A domain listed on the Exchange was sold, bringing its shareholders a significant return for their investment. was listed on Exchange during the public Beta cycle with a value of $5,000 and found 14 investors buying 45% of the domain. In the trading, the market value of the domain rose to $5,800.

The premium three letter name attracted the interest of a US domain investor, who made an offer to buy the domain for a nearly five-figure sum.

Since the offer for the purchase of the domain was over 150% of the market value, the shareholders of the name did not need to agree to the purchase when the domain owner accepted the offer. They got paid out their respective shares, and in all cases made good profit.

An example is a Fusu user from Ireland, who bought 100 shares at $1.15 per share, and 49 shares at $1.17 per share in February, for a total of $172.33. When was sold, he made a profit of $95.87 -- a return of over 55% in two months.

Other users who managed to buy shares at the initial share price of $1.00 achieved a return of 80% on their investment.

For the first time in the domain industry, Fusu allows investors to participate in the success of premium domains, without having to commit the capital to buy them in whole. Indeed, is a great example of the fractional ownership model introduced by Fusu: Nine of the 14 shareholders owned less than 150 shares.

The Domain Stock Exchange, launched at the Traffic conference in Las Vegas on February 19th, brings the concept of fractional ownership to the domain industry with an innovative trading platform for owners, shareholders and investors.

About Fusu:
Fusu is the world's first Domain Stock Exchange. Founded in 2007 and publicly launched in February 2008, its mission is to bring fractional ownership to the domain industry through a liquid, professionally run financial Exchange.




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