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Websites parked at Now Automatically Generate Revenue with Integrated Ad Network

April 9, 2008; 05:36 AM

Willoughby, OH (PRWEB) April 9, 2008 -- Parked domains do little or nothing to generate traffic or revenues. Over time, parking may also erode the value of a domain name by offering nothing new or interesting to those who do visit the site.

But at, a non-traditional domain parking company, domains can be automatically built out and refreshed daily with keyword-relevant content. They can also opt in to WhyPark's integrated advertising network, where site-relevant ads can actually generate revenues.

"Our customers can use their own designs or customize our stock templates, define custom keywords and add unique content in addition to the content we provide," says Craig Rowe, President at "We've also just launched our integrated advertising network and partnered with numerous advertising networks to deliver pay-per-click ads to our customers' domains, eliminating the need for third-party ads."

Rowe says WhyPark has also implemented geo-targeting of ads and partnered with ClickForensics to ensure the quality of its advertising network by reducing the potential for click fraud.

"The integrated ad network helps our customers monetize their domain names, quickly and easily, while also optimizing them for search engines and building traffic. What that means is that domains parked with us have a much higher resale value, if that's what the aim is, or will retain or enhance their value until the domain name is fully developed."

WhyPark currently hosts over 38,000 domain names and is beta-testing its integrated advertising network across a sample of several thousand domains. The ad network will be available to all of WhyPark's customers by the end of April.

For more information contact:

Craig Rowe
WhyPark, LLC
Willoughby, OH 44094
info @


WhyPark provides an alternative to traditional domain parking. By combining relevant, full-text content and industry-first customization options, WhyPark quickly develops a niche, content website rather than a landing page of ads. Its focus is on driving and retaining targeted traffic while also generating revenue for domain owners.




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