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LogicBoxes Introduces Promo Engine for Registrars

May 12, 2008; 09:14 AM

LogicBoxes (, the ICANN Consultancy & Domain Name Business Automation Solutions Provider, today announced the release of a Promo Engine on their Registrar Business Automation Platform.

This Promo Engine will allow Registrar Partners to automatically proliferate sales promos for various TLDs. In addition to ensuring flexibility and control, it also provides Registrars with the ability to trickle the discount right down to the end-customer, while ensuring a fair profit margin for resellers at each level.

“The USP of the promo engine is that it ensures Registrars make the best of each sales promotion campaign. It does so by automatically disabling the promo price, for any opportunistic reseller who chooses to pocket the discount, instead of passing it on to his customers. By this, every Reseller is incentivized to remain in line with the underlying goal of every sales promo, which ultimately is - an exponential boost in volumes and increased market share”, said Bhavin Turakhia, CEO, LogicBoxes

About LogicBoxes:

LogicBoxes is a software and Consultancy Company for Web service providers and Registrars. Its software powers the backend of over 60 ICANN Accredited Registrars, and thousands of Web Service Providers worldwide. LogicBoxes offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services, a ready-made private labeled website, a complete business process automation suite, a set of multi-lingual private-labeled control panels for resellers and customers and a full-control API.



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