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Now is the Time for .ME -- Landrush Underway

June 10, 2008; 04:26 AM

Podgorica, Montenegro. (June 9, 2008) - The .ME Registry Landrush is underway, which means for the first time anyone can apply for names with the new .ME domain name extension.  The Landrush process began Friday and is a 20-day period in which the public can "put a stake in the ground" for .ME names they want to register.

The registry has been accepting .ME applications since May for trademark registrations.

"We've seen tremendous interest in .ME from every corner of the globe," said Predrag Lesic, the registry's executive director. "The .ME extension clearly offers opportunities to develop catchy phrases and add personality to your  Web presence - including personal sites as well as business applications  associated with products, brands and services. Now is the time to get in on  the ground floor with a great name."

More than 70 registrars from all over the world are already offering .ME  registration. Open Registration is slated for July 17, initiating on a first-come,  first-served basis.  Two-year minimums are required on all .ME domain names  registered during the Landrush and initial Open Registration periods.
Landrush  domain names receiving more than one application will go to an auction  process.

..ME schedule:

. June 6 to June 26: Landrush. This is the first opportunity for the  public at large to apply. Anyone who doesn't have a trademark, but is  interested in a specific .ME domain, can apply during this period.

. June 26 to July 15: Quiet Period. During this time, the registry is  closed to registrars. Names for which there was only one application during  the Landrush Period are allocated. Landrush auctions will begin for names that
received multiple applications.

. July 17: Open Registration. Domain names are registered on a first- come, first-served basis.

For more information, or to apply to be a .ME Registrar, visit:

About the .ME Registry:
..ME Registry (the d.b.a of doMEn, d.o.o.) was chosen by the government of  Montenegro to operate the new .ME domain name extension. The domain  extension will be available to the general public worldwide in mid-July. .ME

Registry partners include ME-net, and Afilias Limited. Me-Net islocated in Montenegro and its principals have been leaders in the ICT sector in Montenegro, including the privatization of its largest ISP. is
located in the USA and is the world's largest domain name registrar and the  largest paid hostname provider in the world, according to Netcraft Ltd.

Afilias  Limited is headquartered in Ireland and is a leading registry services provider,  supporting more than 13 million domains worldwide.



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