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UK Company Offers New Opportunies in Domain Investment Market

June 10, 2008; 01:45 AM

[ClickPress, Mon Jun 09 2008] Opportunities are steadily diminishing for domain investors and speculators in the .com market. All the 'low-hanging fruit' has been picked and the aftermarket now commands some pretty hefty prices. Even now there is a busy trade in "" domains (substitute any letter for "L") and these domain registrations are being snapped up in the hope that their potential use as acronyms might realise some value in the future.

In fact, the market is currently being opened up for FIVE-letter domains by the starving 'domainers' - a move that may prove profitable or foolhardy for the future. We've yet to see. The fact of the matter is that the prime .com and .net domain space is highly competitive.

Enter Hubbard Media - a UK tech consultancy with expert knowledge of how the .uk ccTLD domain space operates. They offer a low-cost entry into the market, with direct access to registering pre-registered/expiring .uk domain names within just milliseconds of their dropping.

There are no difficult APIs to follow; no auctions, and no third-party intermediaries to worry about as there are in the .com space. You become your own registrar for a small fee for membership registration and system access (via the 'DAC' or 'Domain Availability Checker') - fees which are applied directly by Nominet UK. All that's left to do then is to sign up for the service(s) provided by Hubbard Media.

Hubbard announce their range of services as follows:

1. Complete 24/7 DAC hosting and use of their bespoke EPP catching script which can poll the DAC 432,000 times per rolling 24 hours and catch domains via Nominet's EPP server within milliseconds. Price: £300 per month plus £150 one-off setup fee. There is no contractual commitment over and above a single month.

Nominet membership and DAC access is required. Nominet currently charge a one-off fee of £400 for membership setup, then £100 per annum for continued membership and £20 per annum for DAC access, all plus VAT. UK domains are charged by Nominet at £5 plus VAT.

Total initial cost of entry: Circa £1,000 GBP or ~$2,000 USD. Nominet membership is available outside of the UK. Hubbard Media has clients worldwide.

2. For those without Nominet membership and DAC access, Hubbard Media offer a 'per name' backordering fee of £30 each, plus Nominet transfer fees of £11.75 per name, or £25.85 in total for three or more. Direct registration (no transfer fees) is available to bulk account customers booking ~50 names per month. Hubbard do NOT double-book backordered names for hosted or any other clients.

3. The very important 'drop lists'; i.e. lists of names dropping on a daily basis by date are offered at £50 per month. These .uk drop lists currently average ~600 names per day.

These three services are bookable through the simple interface at Hubbard Media's web site at

Hubbard Media and are owned and operated by Dale Hubbard and Simon Hubbard, a father and son team. The company prides itself in its expertise; long list of satisfied customers and 'extra mile' technical support. Dale and Simon have over four decades of programming experience between them.

The company is more than pleased to give free advice and consultation upon request via the 'contact us' form on their site.

What will YOU catch today?

Please note: No special affiliation or extraordinary business relationship with Nominet UK is given or implied. Hubbard Media is an accredited Nominet Registrar.

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Hubbard Media
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Devon EX5 1DN
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)77959 73254
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