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Domain Name Buying Strategy Helps Internet Company Capture An Industry

October 22, 2008; 06:43 AM

Internet Business Consultant and founder of suggests that web business owners should buy multiple domain names to capture their Industry niche.

When Scott Alliy President and Founder of the training search engine felt the pressure by competitors in his chosen business space he knew he had to take decisive action or risk losing his companies position as industry leader. What Scott did was go on a domain name buying spree and developed a network of sites relating to his industry.

It turns out that decisive action was just what the doctor ordered and today the future of as the leader in seminar and training search and registration services looks brighter than ever.

The concept for the training search engine was conceived during a visit to what in his opinion was a very poorly orchestrated Internet Marketing Conference in 2002. Scott admits that while he was totally disappointed in the conference, attending the event has changed his life forever.

According to Scott at least two of the speakers at the event did not even use the Internet. Frustrated by what he felt was the lack of internet expertise of the speakers he decided to find an other Atlanta GA. area seminar to attend. It was his failure to find information about other seminars that led him to create a training search engine and seminar search and registration tool that would allow training seekers and training managers to search find and register for seminars all over the U.S. and Canada.

Over 47,000 training seekers have found and registered for a seminar, conference, workshop or training class using and hundreds more have arranged for on site training to be held at their facility using

The Internet is a very transparent place to do business however and the combination of low business entry cost and the ability to easily view and copy competitions online activities led Scott to go on a domain name buying binge and to the creation of the Training News Network.

Since domain names are one-of-a kind it is practically the only thing that Internet business competitors can't copy says Scott whose company portfolio includes over 1200 domain names.

The Training News Network, see is a collection of over 900 websites and domain names all dedicated to serving the news and information and search and registration needs of the training community.

Besides other developed websites in the Training News Network include,, and Other training related websites like and are either in pre development or the early stages of development but will play a big part in the future success of the Training News Network says Scott.

Scott's company Allied Internet Solutions Inc also offers premium quality domain names for sale via their domain name investment company is a particularly useful resource for Internet business owners that are interested in acquiring domain names to help them increase traffic, provide for future growth, block competition and in the process capture their own Internet business niche.

About Us: is the worlds largest training search engine and a charter member of the Training News Network.

The Training News Network is a web of over 900 training and seminar industry related domain names and websites that provide training news and information and training and seminar search and registration services.

Contact Info: Scott Alliy
Allied Internet Solutions Inc.

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