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EstDomains, Inc Takes Next Step in Combating Spam and Malware

October 23, 2008; 03:47 AM

Wilmington, DE (PRWEB) October 23, 2008 -- After several fruitful years on online services market, EstDomains, Inc ( is proud to make its own contribution to the development of more advanced methods and solutions for more efficient spam and malware prevention strategy. Today the company is glad to introduce the launch of carefully elaborated solutions that have been designed especially for searching through the World Wide Web in order to detect and reveal the sources for spam or malware vehicles.

The applying of rapidly developing electronic telecommunications networks and technologies has become an essential part of modern everyday life at home and in large business enterprises. However, the amount of resources that floods Internet space with spam and malicious software has significantly increased over the last 5 years. Every day thousands of Internet users fall victims of the unsolicited email messages that seem harmless at first sight but may contain not only dubious promo offers but also malicious software that collects personal information and passphrases for credit cards. Moreover there are numerous websites that offer supposedly free and advanced software for everyday usage but actually infect one's computer with harmful viruses and worms that slow down the performance of the whole system and may damage the machine as well.

Today EstDomains, Inc ( is glad to introduce to the internet-oriented community advanced software created especially for browsing through the World Wide Web in order to detect corrupted and potentially dangerous websites. The system recognizes certain features and characteristics of malware and distinguishes spam messages from regular emails. Once sophisticated scripts come across anything that gets under the complicated categorization of spam or malicious software, the system grabs the detailed information related to the source of potential threat and submits a report to the communities that are dedicated to effective prevention of Internet traffic containment.

The terms and conditions of EstDomains, Inc ( Acceptable Usage policy strongly prohibit the distribution or storing data that may damage user's computer equipment also known as "malware" and may contain widely known viruses, trifles that interrupt work process with throwing links to the websites displaying obscene materials or corrupted codes that are designed with an intention to steal personal data and credit card information. On its own initiation EstDomains, Inc management has launched several projects that are meant to fight spam and malware distribution. Vast resources have been invested into elaboration of advanced account monitoring systems, the application of well-built filters to detect spam or malware that may potentially come from the domain names registered at EstDomains, Inc.

Once again EstDomains, Inc would like to address the interactive community and ask for co-operation to make the Internet clear and safe. Please report infringements that involve the activity of EstDomains, Inc customers to:




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