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Fancy Telling The World You Are The Best?

December 2, 2008; 04:40 AM

London, UK (PRWEB) December 2, 2008 -- Eager to innovate on the Internet, Ritesh Hassamal and Helen Matten, have set up "People have always been grouping things together. Think of the yellow pages that group ads, or websites that group insurance quotes from various insurance companies. Although best is a singular word, we chose to call our website since we group many best together," says Ritesh.

Companies today are looking for sustainable competitive advantage. On the Web, this begins with the domain name or Web address. A domain name is much more than an Internet address; it is the stepping stone to marketing strategy. The name can inspire, excite, motivate, entice and advertise. It must have appeal, be memorable and easy to pronounce. Call to action domain names such as or are getting popular.

A domain name can make the difference between being found or lost in cyberspace. Generic internet names are the first to pop to mind and drive a keyword search. Because the domain names at relate to specific offers, product lines or services, they do not have to match a brand name and a company does not have to rename their brand to make best use of them.

Since going live, has already attracted the attention of some big companies. Ritesh, a passionate of the Internet, says that the idea will encourage direct navigation on the Web and is a great opportunity for businesses to say that they are the best in the world.

Business partner, Helen, commented, "The concept is simple, yet effective; a one-stop shop search for the best in the world. From a consumer point of view, for example, one can now say he is treating his wife to the best holiday in the world!"

Helen added that may not direct you to the same product the following month if a better phone is released on the market. Internet users can easily find out what is the best in the world for hundreds of products or services using their concept.

"I believe this innovative idea will appeal to businesses," Ritesh commented. "The concept provides a unique opportunity that cannot be duplicated by competitors. There can only be one best car in the world just like, is unique"

Over time, the domains will offer good value because the concept will exist as long as the internet exists. "Won't someone who has visited not want to know what is, for example? Our domain names are therefore effectively promoting each other," Ritesh explained.

To make direct navigation easier, they have also developed and

Find out more about them at

Contact: Ritesh or Helen on 
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