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New .Me Website Helps People Save Money on Prescription Medicine

December 15, 2008; 07:24 AM

Palm Beach Gardens, FL - December 15, 2008 -- Another website has been generated using the record breaking .me extension (as opposed to .com, .net, etc.). The very popular dot me domains, are the fastest selling domain extension ever to launch on the Internet. 

The new website generates a free personalized discount card. "Imagine a free healthcare card that can be used at over 56,000 pharmacies with savings up to 75% on prescription medicine. Free means free; no one ever pays a dime to access these savings." 

The average savings is 20% - 50% depending on the type of drug. Generic drugs typically have larger savings than brand names. There are also significant savings on lab and imaging tests as well as diabetic testing supplies. 

"We wanted to choose a domain name very carefully, tells people exactly what we do. We feel .me is very easy to remember; a domain name that people feel is personalized just like the product we represent." 

While many generic, short .com names are selling for millions, .me is getting a lot of attention, selling for high prices, but not as high as the .com. 

Users can generate their free personalized Drug Card through or simply cut out this pre-activated card and present it to the pharmacy the next time they fill their prescription. 

For more information contact: Faye Artil, [email protected],




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