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ME Domain Names Had World Record Growth in 2008, Reports Sphereques

January 15, 2009; 08:16 AM

2009-01-15 14:02:50 - With the startup sales of the DotMe domain extension setting Internet world records, as the fastest ever selling new domain extension, .ME domains certainly seem to be taking the Internet by storm.

Miami, - FL January 15, 2009 - Spherequest - More and more companies are making sure they snap up their brands with the new popular DotMe extension. 

.ME domains are ideal for Web and Mobile 2.0 enthusiasts and evangelists - a domain extension that serves as a perfect platform for personalized and user-generated content. It is about "ME'. 

With millions f "MEs" as members of sites as Facebook, Hi5, Multiply, and MySpace, blogs such as TMZ and Technorati, and micro-blogging services like Twitter, the websphere is becoming more dynamic and intearctive and consumers are proving that the net is becoming more about "ME". 

Many domain pundits predict that the DOTME extension could become one of the most valuable domain extensions by 2010, and many companies are evaluating and developing marketing campaigns to showcase their valuable brands with the .ME extension. 

After only 6 months, there are already 357 DotMe Websites in Alexa's top 1 million sites, which is astounding for an extension launched in the Summer of 2008. 

Leading and innovatives companies, including Apple, Microsoft, Google and Deutsche Telekom, have already registered the popular DotMe extension. 

Stats 15 January 2009 from's top 1 million websites amazingly shows: 

.ME already have 353 websites in Alexa top 1 Milllion list! 
.ASIA has 94 websites in top 1 million list (.Asia launched 2-3 month before .ME did) 
.Mobi has 252 websites in top 1 million list (.Mobi launched 2 years before .ME did). 

According to 
Among all top level domains in 2008, .ME websites have enjoyed the fastest growth in Google with more than 50% every month! 

Purchasing .ME domain names, setting up .ME websites are all happening at world record pace, a pace that has caught many by surprise, people and businesses are turning more and more to these new popular domains that are so perfect for branding example: Youand.Me, Loan.Me Vegas.Me, Email.Me,, Insure.Me, Mobile.Me .. 

More and more web 2.0 specialists are now advising to start snapping up these DotMe domains. Whether it be to create their own Web 2.0 or 3.0 site, or use the .Me names for branding. 

The Internet has become all about You and .ME!




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